Whizzkid showed the

way ahead

Suzuki SC100

SOME cars of decades ago were way ahead of their time.

Take the little Suzuki SC 100 as a prime example. Here was a car that proved the sense of downsizing years before the plethora of city cars in today's marketplace.

Based on the Suzuki Cervo of 1972, a vehicle born of the massive traffic jams in Tokyo and Osaka, the SC 100 was tweaked for the UK market with its twin cylinder engine being replaced by a four cylinder and a rare recipe for fun driving was created.

The SC 100 Whizzkid was a product of Suzuki's wealth of experience in ‘Kei' car design in Japan where very compact and lightweight vehicles are manufactured to qualify for lower taxation and favourable parking in crowded Cities.

This model was first introduced in the UK in 1979 and since then has developed a cult following of enthusiast owners.

At a price of only £2,400 in 1981, demand always outstripped supply and just 4,693 were sold up until the end of 1982.

The SC 100 is powered by a 970cc four-cylinder engine developing 47hp with 83Nm of torque at 2,500rpm.

It is just 3,190mm long, 1,395mm wide and 1,220mm high, weighing only 655kg.

Initially available with a 540cc three-cylinder engine in some global markets, the later cars with heavier four cylinder engines were fitted with a counterweight in the front bumper to help balance weight distribution from the rear engine, rear drive layout.

The UK GX version was well specified as standard with reclining cloth seats, cigar lighter, heated rear window, push button radio, rack and pinion steering and all round independent suspension - a rare fitment back in the late seventies and a suspension design that Suzuki pioneered 25 years earlier in 1955 with the Suzulight.

Top speed was 87mph and 0-62mph acceleration was a reasonable 16.5 seconds.


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