Peugeot powers to


Peugeot 3008, 2017, Allure, front, action
Kia Niro, front static
Alfa Romeo Giulia, 2017, nose
Toyota Prius Plug-in, front
Lexus RX450h, profle
Lexus NX, 2017, front
Kia Sorento, front
Toyota Proace Verso, front
Honda Civic, front
Skoda Octavia, 2017, front, action

WE Brits are happier than ever with our cars - and the happiest of all are owners of the Peugeot 3008 with buyers of the Kia Niro hybrid not far behind in terms of being satisfied with their motor.

According to a new survey, owner satisfaction is at an all-time high with almost 91 per cent of drivers saying they are happy with their cars, compared with almost 90 per cent last year.

Of the 75 cars studied in this year's Driver Power survey, the Peugeot 3008 polled a remarkable 93.88 per cent satisfaction score - a record score compared to previous winners such as the Skoda Superb in 2017 at 93.42 per cent.

But it's not all sweetness and light for the car makers, for the survey has also revealed that problems with new cars are also on the increase with 14.36 per cent of new car owners reporting an issue with their car, compared to 12.15 per cent in 2017.

Now in its 16 year, the survey, conducted by motoring magazine AutoExpress, is the largest car satisfaction study in the UK with over 80,000 consumer responses this year.

Drivers with models up to 24 months old were quizzed on all aspects of ownership, including how well their vehicles accelerate and steer, whether there are enough storage compartments and sufficient boot space inside, and if they think their infotainment system is performing as they expected.

Martin Saarinen, Consumer Editor at Auto Express, said: "The results from this year's survey show an improvement in driver satisfaction in every single category, as well as a rise in overall satisfaction.

"The last 12 months have seen some exceptional cars launched, so it's no surprise to see Brits happy with their new motors. There's still work to be done, though, as new car owners continue to tell us that their motors aren't always trouble-free."

Significantly, more hybrid models made it into the Driver Power top ten than ever before, with the Kia Niro achieving a 93.07 per cent satisfaction rating in second place, closely followed by the Toyota Prius (93.04 per cent) and the Lexus RX and NX hybrids with 92.99 and 92.90 per cent respectively.

1 Peugeot 3008 - 93.88%

2 Kia Niro - 93.07%

3 Alfa Romeo Giulia - 93.06%

4 Toyota Prius - 93.04%

5 Lexus RX - 92.99%

6 Lexus NX - 92.90%

7 Kia Sorento - 92.85%

8 Toyota Verso - 92.83%

9 Honda Civic - 92.50%

10 Skoda Octavia - 92.45%


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