Suzuki gets sporty

with new Swift

Suzuki Swift Sport, 2018, front, static
Suzuki Swift Sport, 2018, front
Suzuki Swift Sport, 2018, nose
Suzuki Swift Sport, 2018, side
Suzuki Swift Sport, 2018, front, action, track
Suzuki Swift Sport, 2018, front, action
Suzuki Swift Sport, 2018, front, action, mountain
Suzuki Swift Sport, 2018, front, action, harbour
Suzuki Swift Sport, 2018, rear, static
Suzuki Swift Sport, 2018, rear
Suzuki Swift Sport, 2018, display screen
Suzuki Swift Sport, 2018, seats
Suzuki Swift Sport, 2018, rear seats
Suzuki Swift Sport, 2018, boot
Suzuki Swift Sport, 2018, instrument panel
Suzuki Swift Sport, 2018, interior
Suzuki Swift Sport, 2018, rear, action
Suzuki Swift Sport, 2018, gear lever
Suzuki Swift Sport, 2018, rear spolier
Suzuki Swift Sport, 2018, dashboard
Suzuki Swift Sport, 2018, badge

SWIFT by name and swift by nature - that's what happens when Suzuki gets sporty with its latest supermini.

A new Swift Sport is due for release in June and this one is the quickest yet.

More warm than hot hatch but set up to deliver the goods in no uncertain terms the new Swift Sport has fun stamped all over it.

As a five-door only it is dressed to look the part and comes with a 1.4-litre turbo petrol engine boosted to deliver 140ps.

Significantly the engine has a healthy torque curve and with lightweight construction - it weighs in at less than a tonne - the Swift Sport has a mean punch.

On paper, 0 to 60 takes 8.1 seconds and the Swift Sport tops out at 130mph but work it through the gears and it flies.

There's more than enough oomph to keep any enthusiast happy and Suzuki has priced its new model cleverly.

At £17,999 it is £1,500 above the rest of the Swift pack but more than £2,000 cheaper than others such as the Peugeot 208 GTi, Renault's hot Clio and the Vauxhall Corsa VXR.

There is also the likelihood of a very keen PCP rate with no deposit and payments of less than £250 a month.

At that point the Swift Sport stacks up in compelling fashion for those who want a bit of pep for their pounds.

Slightly bigger than the model it replaces the new Sport is some 40mm wider than the current Swift hatchback.

It also sits lower, can be had with some snazzy paint jobs and comes with specially styled 17-inch alloy wheels.

Everything is in the price - and that includes special paint finishes - and the equipment list is fully complete including sat nav, adaptive cruise control and full smartphone compatibility.

Sporty tweaks include carbon effect extensions for the skirt, sills and rear diffuser while the tail is set off with a roof mounted spoiler with twin exhausts at the side.

With blacked out roof pillars and darkened privacy glass, the Swift Sport has stand out looks - not least in its very bright Champion Yellow body colour borrowed from the Suzuki Works Rally team.

It is one of six colours for the Sport and the sporty theme continues inside with red trim inserts in the dashboard, supportive seats and bespoke instrumentation some of which is more gimmicky than practical.

There's a red finish to the rev counter and the central instrument panel scrolls through some interesting displays including a G-meter, torque and power gauges and a turbo boost readout.

Suzuki is understandably proud about the punch the Swift Sport packs - and torque is up some 44 per cent on the previous, bigger engined version - but some of the readouts are perhaps overkill.

However, there is nothing fake or flimsy about the engineering and the Swift Sport sits on Monroe shock absorbers and handles in sweet fashion.

The steering on the cars we tried at the launch event in the mountains of southern Spain could have been a little more communicative and lighter but generally it is agile and responsive, benefitting from the low weight high torque configuration.

Fuel economy of 38 to the gallon on our run on the roads around Ronda while officially the Swift Sport is rated at 50.4mpg with emissions of 125g/km.

Compared to the previous model it is better on every front and reaps the rewards of Suzuki's latest technology that includes a new platform already seen on the Swift hatch and on the Baleno saloon and Ignis compact SUV.

In the Swift Sport it comes into its own with a rigid construction that at 975kg is 80 kilos lighter - and for sporty little hatches that is a vital component.

In its way it has as much about it as any other GTI and more than makes up for any shortcomings in straight line performance with some nifty handling in a very affordable little car.


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