Driving's a song for

business users

Company car driver
Company Car driver - Molly Maid COO, Jonathan Holden
Life on the Road infographic

WHISPER it quietly, but one of things that company car drivers love to do the most is sing at the wheel - and at the top of their voice!

In fact the only driving habit which beats singing at the wheel for company drivers, according to a new survey, is relying on their sat-nav system

The in-depth survey was commissioned by Skoda to gain insight into life on the road for business drivers.

The car manufacturer surveyed 1,000 company car users and the research revealed that the average employee will spend over two and a half hours in their car on a typical working day. That works out at 13 hours a week or 26 days every year.

Over a standard 40-year career this equates to two years and nine months on the road.

The research revealed that music plays an important role during the daily commute with a typical professional singing out loud to nearly eight songs a week - that's 374 times in the average working year or 15,000 tracks over their working life.

The survey highlighted that company cars are being utilised to the full, with the average driver travelling 235 miles a week or nearly half a million miles (451,200) over the course of their career - the equivalent of driving around the Earth more than 18 times.

During that time, drivers will use their sat-navs 389 times a year - but they'll also end up getting lost 259 times.

A typical company car driver will also lose their temper 307 times a year, make 355 hands-free calls to their boss and drink 614 teas or coffees - all from the comfort of their car.


Make a hands-free call to the boss
7..4 times a week / 355 times a year 

Lose their temper
6.4 times a week / 307 times a year 

Swear at another driver
7.1 times a week / 304 times a year 

Make a call to your partner
7.3 times a week / 350 times a year 

Clinch a deal
5.4 times a week / 259 times a year 

Drink a coffee
6.8 times a week / 326 times a year 

Drink a tea
6.0 times a week / 288 times a year 

Eat a sweet
7.4 times a week / 355 times a year 

Eat a sandwich
5.8 times a week / 278 times a year 

Eat a packet of crisps
5.8 times a week / 278 times a year 

Sing at the top of their voice
7.8 times a week / 374 times a year 

End up getting lost
5.4 times a week / 259 times a year 

Rely on Sat Nav
8.1 times a week / 389 times a year 

Have to pull over to send a text or email
6.5 times a week / 312 times a year


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