DS X E-Tense in


DS X E-Tense Front
DS X E-Tense  Asymmetrical seating arrangements
DS X E-Tense front threequarter
DS X E-Tense side
DS X E-Tense  side action
DS X E-Tense Rear Threequarter
DS X E-Tense Rear View

GIVE a bunch of car designers and engineers a blank sheet of paper and a totally free hand and this is the result - the DS X E-TENSE.

It is, admits the French company, a fantasy - but given the pace of change in today's car industry many of the ideas and advanced technologies which have been built into this futuristic concept could eventually become realities.

The company put together a team with a brief to create a dream car for the year 2035, completely unfettered by today's predetermined constraints.

And the result is radical, to say the least. It's a kind of Jekyll and Hyde car with two distinct sides to its capabilities geared both to driver enjoyment and autonomous motoring.

But, the company's Eric Lapode admits: "When it comes to driving pleasure, however, autonomous motoring obviously has its limits. At DS Automobiles, we believe in cars and do not wish to see the sensations associated with the act of driving disappear. By 2035, this view may well have become obsolete, with the idea of having four wheels, a steering wheel and pedals appearing as a sort of retro concept."

As a driving machine, its' all-electric, 540hp, power train would endow the car with fantastic performance. The carbon fibre chassis, innovative suspension system and an advanced active system controlling traction, grip and deceleration have been conceived to optimise performance.

But come 2035, DS believes robot cars will have become a reality. So, much of the thought in the car's interior has gone into pampering passengers during autonomous driving.

The driver is separated from the passengers who sit in a "cocoon", accessed via a gullwing door in which they can relax while the car takes control. Inside this capsule, passengers can luxuriate in the finest leather, ventilated, massaging seats, viewing the road below through a glass floor and enjoying filtered, scented air, concert-hall standard hi-fi and even a cappuccino from the built-in coffee machine.

The luxury car of 2035 will even come with its own ‘personal assistant' in the shape of IRIS - a hologram which floats in space and controls the vehicle's high-tech functions and connects driver and passengers to the outside world.

Yes, some of the ideas may appear a bit far-fetched now but Eric Lapode adds: "Although the purpose of DS X E-TENSE is to embody a dream car, I am convinced our customers will relate to our ideas.

"We effectively wanted to underline the two distinct worlds that we can see emerging, with a car that generates two types of emotion.

"In the cockpit, the urge is to drive; to drive fast and unleash the car's extraordinary power to experience new sensations behind the wheel. Travelling in the cocoon part talks to a different set of senses. You feel a need to be protected, reassured and safe, and have time to yourself."

It may well be a dream car now, but this could be the shape of the things to come in tomorrow's motoring world.


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