Bumpy ride over

rough roads

Road works

IF there is one certainty out there on Britain's roads it is that potholes seem to be getting deeper.

So much so that road safety and breakdown recovery specialist GEM Motoring Assist is warning motorists of the continued danger posed by the UK's poorly-maintained roads.

The call follows the publication of the Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) survey, in which the dire state of local roads was confirmed.

GEM road safety officer Neil Worth said: "The UK road network is in an appalling state, with more than 24,000 miles of road in need of repair during the next 12 months and one in five local roads in danger of failing in the next five years.

"Potholes have an enormous financial impact on motorists, who most of the time must bear the cost of repairs to paintwork, suspension and tyres - even though they have already paid for local road maintenance through their council tax.

"Those drivers who can't afford these repairs risk making journeys in vehicles that are potentially unsafe."

GEM's phone lines continue to be busy with enquiries from members with questions about pothole damage to their vehicles. The organisation is therefore offering advice that will not only help to keep drivers safe on their journeys but will also assist them in dealing with the consequences of pothole damage.

GEM urges drivers to be aware of dangerous potholes on regular journeys. If necessary, find an alternative route.

Always remember to keep your distance from the car in front. Motorists will often brake or swerve suddenly if they have spotted a pothole too late, so ensure you are far enough away to slow down safely.

Drivers should make sure to stick to the speed limit and slow down on smaller roads and residential streets where potholes may be prevalent. Hitting a pothole at speed will cause much more damage to your vehicle.

Never swerve to avoid a pothole; always slow down or stop completely if necessary, checking that there are no cars close behind you. Drive over the pothole slowly or manoeuvre around it if it's safe to do so.


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