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Kia Picanto 1, front
Kia Picanto 1, side
Kia Picanto 1, rear
Kia Picanto 1, interior
Kia Picanto 1, boot
Kia Picanto 1, rear seats

ANYONE looking for a first car or simply good value for money, and for something that's very cheap to run, should take a look at the Kia Picanto.

The most recent model is reasonable enough secondhand, but the previous one, built between 2011 and 2017 is even easier on the pocket.

It was available with either three or five doors, and while the look is not perhaps the prettiest on the market, there is little else to dislike.

This is a small car with an up-market feel about it - but do remember that if you often use the back seats, or intend to carry children, get the five door to avoid backache.

Buy this one and you will have a decent amount of interior space for four, even if the boot is still fairly small.

There are two engine choices, and both are immensely economical. The smaller is a 1.0-litre with 68bhp and the larger is a 1.25 with 84.

Both are good for over 60 mpg on the government average cycle, but in real driving, expect between 40 and 50.

These engines are smooth and quiet, but the 1.0-litre's acceleration is pretty slow at 13.9 seconds to 62 miles an hour. The 1.25 is far better, managing the sprint in a far more acceptable 11 seconds and both cars also have very low emissions.

The Picanto is best at nipping around the city of course, but I have done 200 mile journeys in them and found that they are quite happy keeping up with speeds on the motorway.

Both engines comes with an easy changing five speed ‘box, and while the larger is available with a four speed automatic option, this does have an adverse effect on economy.

Insurance is very reasonable, and road tax should be in the lowest bands thanks to the price and excellent emissions.

Of course, like all Kias, Picantos come with a seven year, 100,000 mile warranty that is transferable to new owners. So if you buy one up to that age, you will have complete peace of mind. Handling is very good, partly thanks to a long wheelbase and decently wide track, and there's a good level of grip even when pushed very hard.

Body control is good, there's not too much roll and the steering is well-weighted with a decent amount of feedback. Ride comfort is also very good - something that a number of small cars are now managing to achieve - but this one is up with the best in class.

Pay about £4,375 for a '14 14-reg 1.0-litre ‘1' Air five door, or £7,550 for a '16 16-reg ‘2' Ecodynamics five door with the larger 1.25 engine.


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