Enter the crazy

Civic Type R truck

Honda Civic Type R Pickup Concept front
Honda Civic Type R Pickup Concept rear
Honda Civic Type R Pickup Concept side
Honda Civic Type R Pickup Concept wing detail
Honda Civic Type R Pickup Concept load bed

IT'S probably the craziest and certainly one of the fastest pickup trucks you'll ever see - although the chances of ever seeing it are as remote as the car itself is rare.

For this outlandish truck adaptation of the Honda Civic Type R is strictly a one-off and there are definitely no plans to put it into production.

Built as a show car by a specialist team from Honda UK's product engineering department in Swindon and codenamed ‘Project P', the Civic Type R Pickup Truck has been modified and developed from the standard Type R road car to create potentially one of the fastest pickup trucks on UK roads.

Using the same powertrain, suspension and gearbox as the hyper-hatch, it is estimated Project P will complete the 0-62mph sprint in under six seconds and reach a top speed of over 165mph. It also possesses the same driving modes of comfort, Sport and +R, Project P offering both ride comfort as well as a unique racing capability on track.

To create the concept, the team used a pre-production version and adapted the design rearwards from the B-pillars of the car, with sweeping lines from the roofline to the back hiding a flatbed loading area in the centre of the car where the rear seats and boot space would normally be.

Finished in Rallye Red, the concept retains the iconic rear wing associated with Civic Type R, which, thanks to a clever piece of engineering, is movable to allow direct access to the rear of the truck.

Leader of the project team Alyn James says: "We have a special projects division at the factory in Swindon and this project was a fantastic opportunity for the team to show just what their creative minds could do.

"The passion that our engineers have for Honda is shown in our latest creation and we are even considering taking it to the Nurburgring to see if we can take the record for the fastest front wheel drive pickup truck!"


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