Jaguar purrs into

the future

Jaguar I-PACE, 2018, front
Jaguar I-PACE, 2018, side
Jaguar I-PACE, 2018, front, action
Jaguar I-PACE, 2018, side, action
Jaguar I-PACE, 2018, rear, action
Jaguar I-PACE, 2018, rear
Jaguar I-PACE, 2018, interior
Jaguar I-PACE, 2018, rear seats
Jaguar I-PACE, 2018, badge

JAGUAR is about to start its electronic revolution and I have just become one of the first to sample the company's new all-electric I-PACE - for a fantastic 15 minutes.

The stunning I-PACE has a top speed of 124mph and a 0 to 60 acceleration time of 4.5 seconds while producing zero emissions.

Penned by Scot Ian Callum Jaguar's director of design the futuristic I-PACE has no European rivals at present and is more than a match for the Tesla competition.

Moreover, the I-PACE has a potential range of almost 300 miles on a single charge putting Jaguar at the forefront of current battery technology.

Ian Callum told me he has always wanted to produce a vehicle with a ‘cabin forward' design theme and short front overhang and the I-PACE provided the opportunity.

It sits in between the E-PACE and the top selling F-PACE, and the design means that there is an astonishing amount of room inside as well as a 656 litre boot - extending to 1,453 if you collapse the rear seats - and space for 25 litres more under the bonnet.

It sits on giant 22-inch wheels and has a striking on road presence while still being clearly a Jaguar.

It is powered by two electric motors - one on each axle - with a combined 400ps and 696Nm of torque on tap. The power is instant when you touch the pedal and the smooth acceleration takes your breath away.

The 90kWh battery pack is situated at the bottom of the car helping to create a low centre of gravity and boosting the grip.

It can be charged in just 45 minutes from a rapid charger or around 10 hours from a normal socket. My time was limited because we did not have access to a rapid charger.

Weighing it at some 2.13 tonnes the Jaguar is hefty but considerably lighter than other similarly-sized electric vehicles and comes with a number of drag-reducing aerodynamics including active vanes in the front grille, retractable door handles and a rear roof-mounted spoiler.

Sadly it is not being produced in the UK butalongside the E-PACE at Graz in Austria as part of JLR's recent deal with Magna Steyr.

Inside, the I-PACE is also futuristic with a new-look cockpit featuring the Touch Pro Duo twin screen display, a 12-inch multi-mode instrument panel and a head-up display for the driver.

The I-PACE also makes use of the Alexa voice control service and comes with advanced technology which includes automated software updates and a predictive Artificial Intelligence system which can configure the vehicle to an individual's preferences as they approach the car.

As there is no transmission there is stacks of room and five adults can travel in real comfort as the car offers almost three feet of legroom in the rear.

It looks great and is very practical but it is the effortless performance that really puts a smile on your face. It is so quiet that you really have to watch the speedo to see just how fast you are travelling and it is the first all electric car that I have really enjoyed driving.

It goes on sale soon starting at £58,995 and its rakish good looks and superb technology will mean that Jaguar has another winner on its hands.


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