Peugeot 508 - Used

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Peugeot 508, 2014, front, action
Peugeot 508 saloon and estate, 2014
Peugeot 508, 2014, rear, action
Peugeot 508, 2014, interior

WITH the proliferation of people carriers and SUVs and people's preference for them, the majority of traditional larger saloons and estates on the secondhand market started out as company cars.

That means they almost invariably come with full service history, so higher mileage is not quite so important, because you know they have been properly taken care of.

Perhaps the left field choice of these is Peugeot's 508, which is a plush, up-market saloon or estate with an excellent ride, safe handling and very good road-holding.

It is perhaps not as sought after secondhand as the Vauxhall Insignia or Ford Mondeo, and for that reason is often better value year for year.

Four different engines were available from launch but most secondhand models will be diesels.

Petrol engines are both 1.6 turbos - one with 120bhp and the other with 156. Diesels are 1.6 with between 112 and 120bhp, a 2.0-litre with 140, 150 or 163 and an excellent 2.2 with no less than 204, which comes with standard automatic gearbox.

There is also a standalone RXH diesel-electric range topping auto estate with 200bhp, but these are few and far between and no more economical than the standard diesels.

All are really smooth, good-looking cars from all angles and the higher output engines are quiet and powerful, giving excellent performance.

The lowest output petrol and diesel engines might seem underpowered, but both do surprisingly well and are cheapest to buy.

If you enjoy driving then the 1.6-litre 156bhp model is the best choice because it's willing and punchy making overtaking easy and fun.

It also sounds beautiful and will reach 60 from rest in 8.4 seconds. Most frugal is the 1.6 diesel with 112bhp. It reaches 60 in 11.6 seconds, has a government average consumption of 64mpg with very low emissions.

Upper models get a heads-up speed display at the bottom of the windscreen, and all have climate with a button to turn it off when not needed and save a bit of fuel.

They also have keyless entry and starting, steering wheel stereo controls, cruise, USB, alarm, a decent stereo with DAB, Bluetooth, rear parking sensors and stability control.

Refinement is excellent and the interior is very good quality. Space is brilliant, with big rear legroom and a massive boot in both in saloon and estate.

Pay about £6,700 for a '14 14-reg 1.6HDi Active, or £11,600 for a '16 16-reg 2.0 BlueHDi GT Line.


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