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Audi A6, front, action
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DESPITE holding its value better than most, the Audi A6 is much more affordable a few years down the line.

And like other well-built executives, as long as they have full service history, quality older cars with higher mileage can be an absolute bargain and still not cause any problems.

All the company's products are very well built and of course, even the more ordinary of them drive beautifully and have that sporting feel.

A good saloon or Avant estate could be just what you are looking for but drive it for a few miles to make sure you like it.

The A6 has a wide array of different engine options - the majority with an automatic gearbox, but since 2011, petrols have ranged from a 1.8 turbo with 187bhp or more, through a 2.0-litre with 250 to a 3.0-litre with 310 and a 4.0-litre V8 with 450 in the very sporting S6.

With these kind of power outputs, performance is very good to superb - as you can imagine. Even the 1.8 accelerates from zero to 60 miles an hour in 7.6 seconds, and the S6 takes just 4.3, putting it right up there in the supercar league.

But the 1.8 at least is still capable of 40mpg and comes with decently low emissions.

Diesels are 2.0 and 3.0 litres and have power ranging up from an excellent 174bhp to a heady 320 in the BiTurbo.

These will make up the vast majority of cars on the secondhand market, because most were originally bought as company cars.

Again, performance is excellent, with 0-60 for the 2.0-litre at 7.5 seconds, and economy of 55-plus mpg. Emissions are even lower than the petrols of course and for this same model, CO2 is just 114 grammes per kilometre.

Handling and roadholding are marvellous, with tenacious grip and very good balance through the corners.

The steering is a little lacking in feel, but this is something that owners soon get used to.

Refinement is superb at any speed but personally, I would avoid any with sports suspension. The standard setup takes the cars round the corners just as well, and gives noticeably better comfort.

Likewise, and for the same reason, avoid the larger wheels and tyres.

The quality of fit and finish inside is superb, and should still be good even four or five years down the line.

All have hard-feeling but comfortable seats, and a high level of equipment including traction control, auto headlights and wipers, climate and a multi-function steering wheel.

They also have Audi's adjustable Dynamic Suspension, Drive select that allows the driver to choose between different levels of accelerator response, cruise, a parking system with front and rear sensors and leather upholstery.

They also have Bluetooth, non-touch screen sat nav with a 6.5-inch screen and voice activation for most controls.

Pay about £12,350 for a '13 13-reg SE 2.0TDi Ultra auto, or £22,500 for a '16 16-reg S-line 3.0TDi.


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