Vauxhall shows its

future design

Vauxhall GT X Experimental, 2018, side
Vauxhall GT X Experimental, 2018, front
Vauxhall GT X Experimental, 2018, rear
Vauxhall GT X Experimental, 2018, interior
Vauxhall GT X Experimental, 2018, wheel
Vauxhall GT X Experimental, 2018, doors open
Vauxhall GT X Experimental, 2018, rear, detail

A CLUE to the future of Vauxhall has been unveiled with the company releasing a series of images of its GT X Experimental concept.

The car is a compact, all-electric coupe-styled SUV measuring just 4.06 metres in length - and that's little more than a Corsa.

With rearward opening back doors and no central pillar, the GT X Experimental opens wide front and rear and comes with cleverly designed 17-inch wheels that look much larger.

According to Vauxhall, the GT X Experimental reflects its core values of being British, ingenious, progressive and approachable - important factors following the brand's takeover by French car group PSA, which makes Peugeot, Citroen and DS models.

The concept has been developed by a team led by design chief Mark Adams with a brief to create a ‘visual detox' of car styling.

He said: "It's an approachable concept that people can identify with. It confidently combines a pure and bold design execution with progressive technology that makes life easier. Clearly, this vehicle signals a very exciting future for the brand."

The GT X concept is powered by a 50kWh next generation lithium-ion battery and has an advanced autonomous driving system that allow the car to drive itself with minimal driver intervention.

It also shows off a new front and rear style theme which Vauxhall says will become part of its looks for all models in the 2020s.

Inside, there's a panoramic windscreen and roof while all the instrumentation and controls are contained within a single large display screen stretching out across the facia.

Vauxhall calls the system the Pure Panel and it incorporates air vents hidden behind the screen.

The GT X Experimental makes use of much camera technology, replacing the door mirrors with pop-out cameras either side of the bonnet.

There's also a redesigned steering wheel which keeps the Griffin logo upright regardless of position and the door handles have been removed for remote-control access.

"Vauxhall is defiantly not a prestige brand, and not a ‘me-too' brand," said Vauxhall managing director Stephen Norman. "But we make great cars, and people buy them because of their value, approachability, ingenuity and progressiveness.

"The GT X Experimental picks up on these reasons for purchase, reinforces them, and creates a clear template for design elements in Vauxhall production cars of the future."


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