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light up the gloom

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DS 7 Crossback, front
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DS 7 Crossback, 2018, night vision, Windsor Castle

AS the nights draw in it is time to consider the annual question of how to see in the dark?

Powerful torches are best kept for walking, there is nothing to be recommended for hanging out of the car window with an LED lamp.

Folklore has it that carrots, consumed in quantity, will improve night vision but I believe they simply turn your skin a lovely shade of presidential orange.

Thanks to new technologies there is very little reason for failing to deal with encroaching autumnal gloom other than bone idleness and delirium.

There are automatic headlights on most cars, self-dipping systems on higher spec models but as yet no automated trafficactors so you still risk the intense fatigue caused by moving your fingers two inches to indicate. I wouldn't bother, seems to be in vogue not to.

Given automatic braking, cross traffic warning and parking cameras Steven Spielberg would envy it is a wonder anyone has a bump at all.

Here is something new. A heads up night vision display available on the DS 7 Crossback at £1,400 extra.

It works using infrared just like military goggles or those cameras which take night pictures of foxy woxy emptying your bin or killing the cat.

Night vision will not make you member of the SAS or, indeed, the Girl Guides but it is a useful bit of safety kit showing up animals out of headlight beam and assorted wandering drunks.

Citroen, from which DS has sprung, has always been at the forefront of developments like hydro pneumatic suspension, which people struggled to grasp in the beginning.

Like the half-tennis ball braking which put several extra p's in the word stop and introduced a rocking motion which could turn milk to best cheddar.

The DS 7 has many modernist features but above all it is luxurious family transport.

DS emphasises quality interiors and there it cannot be argued with. The Ultra Prestige Opera has a cabin of great comfort and refinement, designed to remind us that is the 21 century and brings PSA technology into new territory with details like suspension which reads the road and adaptive cruise control.

Not only will you will swan about the highways and tackle the winding byways dripping in leather but protected by the latest in safety equipment like active LED lighting which has town, country and motorway beams setting themselves and offering wider and longer lighting for the darkest roads with a long-range motorway been activation automatically at 70mph.

Just keep your eyes open and the future is yours at up to 370 meters hence. Lighting is also activated when the wipers are engaged. You really have no excuse.

Hate to bang on but lighting technology really is a major part of the DS package with remote functioning for when you forget where you parked, doh, marker lights when stopped at the roadside and scrolling indicators.

There is a DS auto pilot sort of steering correction which is one step closer to autonomous cars and the jury is still out on that one.

At Ultra Prestige level there is the expected parking assists and cameras, all the entertainment and connections, electric seat adjustment and even an odour filter which works on incoming air not your co-driver's feet.

However, you will not be buying this simply for a quality pong- free interior, no matter how stylish the switchgear and tombstone clock which reads in old numbers.

This model is the 2.0-litre BlueHDi 180 eight-speed automatic. At a shade under 10 seconds to 62mph is not exactly a member of the wild bunch but the computer was telling me that the sedate and smooth ride was earning 51mpg. That is most agreeable.

Selectable drive modes introduce added sport stability, good in the corners, normal or comfort settings.

The story is most certainly one of comfort withy family practicality, 618 litres under the parcel shelf and a raft of storage features, for instance.

The DS 7 costs £43,480 in this spec and while othere premium brands may cast a shadow it is certainly one of the brightest lights on the tree.


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