UK pioneers new tyre

comparison site

Motokiki, Dr Debra Williams, chief executive

A WELSH businesswoman has launched Motokiki, the UK's first truly independent tyre comparison website.

Unlike other retailers who simply offer a comparison of their own stock, Port Talbot-based Motokiki gives free and impartial information on prices of a huge range of tyres from the widest range of manufactures and suppliers across the country.

Currently, no comparison website in the UK offers this service which provides a genuine ‘whole of market' tyre price comparison which also includes ratings on fuel efficiency, water displacement and noise levels.

Motokiki intends to transform the industry by giving the country's 37 million motorists access to great value tyres and making purchasing and fitting tyres simple, quick and easy using their computer, smartphone or tablet.

The service is the brainchild of Dr Debra Williams, the former managing director of, and is designed to help motorists save their time and money.

With just a few clicks, they can compare tyres easily, find the best deal for their vehicle, buy their tyres and arrange a time to have the tyres fitted at a garage or their home or place of work - with no hidden charges.

The website is quick and easy to use and provides accurate information on the range of tyres that best suit their vehicle.

By simply entering their vehicle registration and postcode, customers can see a wide range of top branded tyres at the best prices.

The site will also present a range of local fitting services, location and times for customers to choose from.

Dr Williams said: "This is a big day for the Motokiki team and the country's motorists. Motokiki will transform the way we buy tyres and help people make better choices about one of the most important safety aspects of a vehicle.

"We've done our research and spent the past two years, developing and testing Motokiki to make sure it's the best it can be. We want to raise the standard of tyre comparison sites by creating the country's first 100 per cent impartial site which not only gives people the choice and information on price but also on other important aspects of tyre safety and efficiency. We want customers to visit a site they can trust to deliver on price, quality and service."

Based close to Port Talbot town centre in south Wales, Motokiki has been built by a strong team with extensive knowledge of the sector and whose experience of comparison sites is unrivalled.

Motokiki is launching with a staff of 20 people, hand-picked for their knowledge and skill, said Dr Williams.

"We are ideally placed between Swansea and Cardiff and have room to expand in the office and location," she said.

It is being funded by Dr Williams with support from Maven private equity and while no users pay to use its service, Motokiki also receives a small commission from the tyre companies and there is additional income from advertisers on the website.

With herpersonal and business experience, Dr Williams recognised there was no truly independent tyre comparison site offering the advice and guidance of Motokiki and she wanted to break new ground.

Data input by users is broken down and Motokiki so they are always directed to their nearest stockist where-ever that is in the UK.

"Our ambition is to grow quickly but organically to best serve users," she added.


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