What learners need

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Young Driver training
Young Driver training

USE of a mobile phone, speeding and the dangers of tailgating have topped the list of what young motorists need to know when learning to drive.

Research by Young Driver - an organisation which specialises in junior driver training - has revealed just what experienced motorists think learner drivers need to master.

And almost half of those who took part in a survey said they believed motorway lessons should be compulsory.

Such lessons were introduced last year but only on a voluntary basis.

The results of the study, which polled 1,000 experienced UK drivers, showed the top 10 areas where learner drivers could be taught more successfully.

They were:

1. Not to use a mobile phone when driving - 56 per cent
2. Not to drive too fast - 49 per cent
3. The dangers of tailgating - 47 per cent
4. Driving etiquette, such as thanking other drivers or allowing people to filter in - 45 per cent
5. How to drive on motorways - 43 per cent
6. How to drive at night - 40 per cent
7. Not to be a middle lane hog - 40 per cent
8. How to park better - 40 per cent
9. Always use an indicator - 38 per cent
10. Opening a car door in a parking space without banging it into the adjacent vehicle - 35 per cent

Laura White, from Young Driver said: "It is perhaps strange that motorway or night time driving - skills which are needed by nearly all UK drivers - are not an essential part of the learning process.

"It seems motorists think there are things about being a good driver which learners aren't being taught in a successful way.

"However, much of it is down to having a greater awareness of other road users and being courteous, a lot of which is gained through experience and not slipping into bad habits."

Young Driver has given almost 600,000 lessons to 10 to 17-year olds at more than 60 venues across the UK.

The lessons take place on specially created road systems at private venues, with traffic lights, junctions and roundabouts to negotiate and tuition is given by approved driving instructors in dual controlled Vauxhall Corsas. Advanced Skills Days, offering motorway training, are also available for under 17s.


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