New V60 is where the

clever money goes

Volvo V60, 2018, front, action
Volvo V60, 2018, side
Volvo V60, 2018, side, action
Volvo V60, 2018, rear, action
Volvo V60, 2018, interior
Volvo V60, 2018, rear seats
Volvo V60, 2018, boot

IF I had a video of this it would go virus, or whatever it is known as. My 17 month old granddaughter using the central heating control to make phone calls.

What's worrying is that five taxis turned up.

She then spent a happy hour selecting her own tunes on my iPad. Must remember to check the bank account.

We didn't have central heating to control. Mind you we lived int' grid ont' side of lane and ona Saturday neet had curried sludge for tea time and technology apparently stop for no man.

You do realise a whole generation has grown up not knowing grapes have seeds?

There are children out there who cannot believe car windows were wound down manually.

Or that the operation doubled as air conditioning.

Chokes, cigarette lighters, stereo cassette players. Any recall?

My granddaughter will laugh at the idea of petrol engines as surely as we scoff at the notion of the coach and four.

Before the global warming story, men about town wore a hat and carried a raincoat over the right forearm. You see it rains a lot in Britain. The weather is so unpredictable we have made it a conversation piece.

Now all you need is a bit of North Face and a hipster hat.

Time, however, is a fugitive. Ask Volvo.

In the autonomous future Swedish boffins predict we will be able to replace a painful aeroplane experience with a car you can sleep in while it drives itself. Splendid and no need to strip naked at Manchester Ringway. Unless you want to, obviously.

All you have to do is trust the technology and seeing some human efforts I just might.

Volvo is never slow in coming forward. Latest out of the blocks is the V60, a technology- rich luxury estate combining economy with acceptable, of hardly scary, performance think 60mpg and 9.6 seconds to 60mph for the least powerful of the two diesel engines. You can up that to 7.9 seconds by opting for the 247bhp version.

It is another model featuring Sensus, a connectivity package covering sat nav, phone, dance bandsand jazz nights as well as having internet comparability. It takes a bit of time to master but if you are in any difficulty I'll send our Sofia round.

The 150bhp two-litre D3 Momentum Pro hits the road at £31,610 for the automatic. For that you get a lot; touch screen, voice activation, city safe detection with steering support for passing young people absorbed in their smartphones and a power operated tailgate because you will go shopping in this and you will cart the dogs about in comfort.

The safety packages have all been seen in recent models but to remind you, run off tightens the belts and front seats have a collapsible section along with such trickery as active high beam.

You can add a couple of packs, Intellisafe Pro with a bit of advanced self-determination.

And a convenience pack which includes a grocery bag holder.

The journey to Ultima Thule is not all that counts about the V60. This is about as smooth a cruise as you will get, forgiving suspension, leather-faced upholstery andfar from boring handling. It is the sort of car you could drive all day and not notice the mileage covered.

Anything not to like? Well some say the eight-speed automatic gearbox lacks punch. I say buy a manual if you want but I will stick with the modern world.

This may be Volvo's smallest estate but it has bags of room and is extremely desirable at the money, as any small child could tell you.


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