Nissan hints at

electric future

Nissan concept 3
Nissan concept 2
Nissan concept 1

THERE'S a hint about Nissans of the future in a one-off design being given its premiere at the 2019 North American motor show in Detroit.

The Nissan IMs Concept car is electrically powered and can fully drive itself, with head and tail lights that turn blue to tell pedestrians when the car is in fully autonomous mode.

Electric motors front and rear produce a total of 483 horsepower and the IMs has a projected range of 380 miles on a single charge of its 115kWh battery.

The three seats in the rear of the car can be quickly turned into one big 'premier seat', made easier to reach through reverse opening rear doors.

Air suspension adapts to different road conditions to give passengers 'a silky, smooth ride,' says Nissan.


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