Suzuki's mountain

goat with terrier


Suzuki Jimny, 2019, off road, front
Suzuki Jimny, 2019, off road, side
Suzuki Jimny, 2019, off road, side, action
Suzuki Jimny, 2019, off road, rear
Suzuki Jimny, offroad 2
Suzuki Jimny, offroad 1
Suzuki Jimny, 2019, off road, slope
Suzuki Jimny, 2019, interior

I DON'T think I have ever seen such a twitter storm of interest as when the pictures of the new Jimny were released.

A rare old scorching summer may have been busting out all over but imaginations were drawn to muddy fields and winter wonderlands and even the potential for a one man mini-camper. That one ran and ran.

Back in Suzuki central all they had to do was open the door and a flood of success would pour over the threshold.

And so it is likely to prove.

It's a drink on a stick. Faithful to the old Suzuki 4x4s but brought up to date. A terrier of a car with a smoother coat. A Patterdale that will escape the garden every time, find a mountain to hump then nip into the village to slap up some spaniels.

A highly improved goat with less pantomime horse about it on the road.

Conversions involving everything bar the kitchen sink I have even seen one that included one of those and an awning.

The appeal is obvious, with plenty of juice and supplies you could life au natural for some considerable time off the beaten track. Or even the slightly worn one.

This is not a 4x4 which will appeal to all but perfectly fits the adage you should the buy the car you need not the one which tickles your fancy, should you be the sort of person with a pronounced fancy.

Firstly there's that shape, what a Merc G-Wagen would look like if left on a hot wash.

That boxy design gives maximum interior space in what is a small vehicle while making the Jimny stand out from the crowd, as does a range of loud coulours aside from black.

Comfort? Well this won't be a long paragraph even though we are talking the SZ5 . The interior is laid out with practicality foremost, a row of toggle switches operate the windows and engage hill descent while central of it all is a small touch screen which encompasses entertainment, phone and sat nav.

There is dual sensor brake support CD Tuner, Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control and front foglamps, SZ5 adds 15-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, climate control, a smartphone link, rear privacy glass, heated front seats.

Power is supplied by an eager 1.5, 100bhp, petrol engine, it isn't fast a 13 seconds to 60mph but if it was fast you wanted this is the wrong party. The gearbox is five-speed manual.

A sweet enough unit with enough torque and returning a very handy 39mpg.

With the seats up there is limited boot space so if you have a load to carry, or a dog, the rear pair need dropping. They are, however, flat set and wipe clean. Three door configuration is a further hindrance.

There is a lot of rock and roll in the suspension but you can't have the off road ability and expect silky smoothness driving to the supermarket.

This is not a car I would contemplate for a daily commute of any distance but works perfectly in my neck of the swamp.

Off road controls amount to a simple three station manual transfer shift from 2h to 4l.

You can have an automatic and personally I always would for off road work.

From a 4x4 perspective it is professional with good ground clearance and all but no overhang. Visibility is what the jungle demands thanks to small pillars.

The Jimny has a rare old following, Suzuki sells more or less 1,000 a year. This latest version is boosting that sales potential if only because here in a world of the mundane it will put a smile on your face. Especially at £17,999. Don't ask for a discount in my opinion.


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