Mercedes GT R goes


Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster front
Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster front threequarters
Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster overhead
Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster rear threequarters
Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster front action
Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster side action
Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster rear action
Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster rear wing detail
Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster cockpit

COULD this be the ultimate poser's car?

It's the new drop-top version of the car which racing fans will be familiar with as the safety car used at F1 events around the world.

But while Mercedes reckons its' new AMG GT R Roadster would be perfectly at home powering round a twisty track, it's more likely to be seen cruising the Cote d'Azur or Hollywood Boulevard in the hands of the rich and famous.

It's designed, says the company, to appeal to "a new, lifestyle-oriented target group which lives life to the full." For which read sports and entertainment superstars or, indeed, anyone with a fat wallet, given the expected price tag of over £150,000. Undoubtedly, this will be Lewis Hamilton's new toy.

And even if the price doesn't guarantee exclusivity, the fact that only 750 examples will be produced will make it even more desirable.

For this car is the crowning glory of Mercedes' rag-top range, taking its sophisticated underpinnings and powerful powertrain from the GT R Coupe.

Its' AMG four-litre, V8 biturbo engine is mated to a seven-speed dual clutch auto transmission and delivers 585 hp and maximum torque of 700 Nm from 2100 to 5500 rpm. The 0-60mph sprint is ticked-off in 3.5 seconds and top speed is 197 mph.

Under the skin there's adjustable coil-over suspension with active rear axle steering and active aerodynamics including an underbody carbon-fibre spoiler which extends automatically at higher speeds to provide more downforce on the front wheels or, as Mercedes puts it, to "suck the car onto the road."

Styling, technical, safety and interior features pretty much echo that of the Coupe with the obvious addition of the electrically retractable, triple layer fabric soft top.

Unveiled at the Geneva motor show, the AMG GT R Roadster is, according to Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers "a brand-defining sports car." We see no reason to argue the fact.

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