Alfa reveals future


Alfa Romeo Tonale concept front
Alfa Romeo Tonale concept side
Alfa Romeo Tonale concept rear
Alfa Romeo Tonale concept cabin

LEGENDARY sporting brand Alfa Romeo is joining the race to electrification and rolled out a concept for its' first plug-in hybrid model at the Geneva motor show.

The Italian brand may be late joining the party but if the final production model looks anything like this sexy design concept for a mid-sized SUV then it could well be the centre of plenty of attention.

Called the Tonale, the production car will mark Alfa's debut in the mid-size utility vehicle segment and will sit below the Stelvio in the company's SUV line-up. As well as a hybrid option, petrol and diesel versions will probably be included in the line-up.

It is expected to go into production next year and while details are scant at the moment we can tell you that the hybrid will have a rear mounted electric motor which, the company says, "opens the way to new technological solutions that offer enhanced driving dynamics, to maximise the pleasure of sporty driving."


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