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Audi TT

Audi TT Roadster, 2019, front, action
Audi TT Roadster, 2019, front
Audi TT Roadster, 2019, rear
Audi TT Roadster, 2019, rear, action
Audi TT Roadster, 2019, side, roof down
Audi TT Roadster, 2019, side, roof retracting
Audi TT Roadster, 2019, side, roof up
Audi TT Roadster, 2019, interior
Audi TT Roadster, 2019, controls
Audi TT Roadster, 2019, seats
Audi TT Roadster, 2019, boot
Audi TT Roadster, 2019, S line badge
Audi TT Roadster, 2019, badge

AUDI is making changes to its TT sports cars with subtle upgrades to the design and an improved powertrain.

The latest models now come with a 2.0-litre turbo charged TFSI engine and power is up to either 197 or 245ps.

In the case of the higher output engine - now known as a 45 TFSI in line with Audi's new naming structure - it gives the latest TT a 0 to 60 time of 5.5 seconds pushing up to a restricted maximum of 155mph.

Fuel consumption for such potency is excellent with the new TT officially rated at 34.4mpg and emissions of 164g/km.

That is no idle boast and on long runs in a TT Roadster we saw closer to 39 to the gallon as a good average.

Overall it returned an average of 34.8mpg in some 600 miles of driving and that is economy out of the top drawer for such a car.

Prices are up by a few hundred pounds and the quattro S line S tronic model we tried had an entry price of £39,155 and with extras such as a tech pack which included Audi's virtual cockpit instrument panel the final price was £47,960.

That puts the new TT up against models from Mercedes and BMW yet the Audi feel that little more refined.

A new look at the front sees a more aerodynamic take for the bumper and grille and that enhances the TT's head on presence.

With the roof down it looks a complete roadster all round.

Boot space is 280 litres - good for a convertible - and enough for two suitcase making the TT an ideal escape car.

Multi-mode drive patterns can be switch from eco to an individual sports setting which stores a driver's preferences for maximum fun.

And with a seven-speed DCT gearbox plus paddle shifters there is plenty of that to be had from the quattro all-wheel-drive set up.

Other options fitted to the car included head level heaters for the seats and a wind deflector to suppress wind buffeting and keep the cockpit pleasant when exposed to the elements.

Hood up and for a roadster the TT is quite serene with a ride that is nicely accomplished - even on British roads.

The virtual cockpit display allows for sat nav information to be shown right in front of the driver and although manual entry of a destination can be a touch fiddly it can be done by voice control and that's a preferred option.

Roof retraction is electronic and takes less than 15 seconds with the hood stowing in its own area behind the cockpit without impacting on boot space.

A boot lip spoiler sets off the car from the rear and deploys automatically at speed to give added stability.

And at the end of every drive the car emits a heartbeat sound on shut down - just as a reminder of the TT experience.

The TT is now in its third generation and is a car which has been around for 20 years.

The new models are as plush as they come, placing both the roadster and its coupe counterpart in a position where they are sure to remain a compelling choice in the sports car market.


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