Vauxhall Grandland

goes hybrid

Vauxhall Grandland X Hybrid4
Vauxhall Grandland X Hybrid4 charging
Vauxhall Grandland X Hybrid4
Vauxhall Grandland X Hybrid4 head on
Vauxhall Grandland X Hybrid4 rear action
Vauxhall Grandland X Hybrid4 cockpit

VAUXHALL is set to launch its first-ever plug in hybrid as the Luton-based company accelerates its' drive to the electrification of its entire product portfolio.

And not only is the new Grandland X Hybrid4 the company's first PHEV - Plug-in-Electric Vehicle - it is the first four wheel drive version of the large SUV.

The car's powertrain comes from the Peugeot-Citroen group and comprises a 200hp, 1.6-litre, turbocharged, four-cylinder petrol engine and an electric drive system with two electric motors which have a combined output of 109hp, all-wheel drive and a 13.2kWh lithium-ion battery.

Together, the petrol engine and electric motors produce up to 300hp, and have been preliminarily credited with a combined fuel consumption of 128mpg and emissions of 49g/km CO under the WLTP testing regime.

The petrol engine has been specially engineered for the hybrid powertrain. The front electric motor is coupled to an electrified eight-speed automatic transmission, while the second motor and differential are integrated into the electrically-powered rear axle, providing all-wheel traction on demand.

Four driving modes will be available - electric, hybrid, AWD and Sport. In pure electric mode, the car has a range of 30 miles while in hybrid mode, the car automatically selects the most efficient method of propulsion. When travelling at low speeds within cities the system switches to electric mode for zero-emission driving. A regenerative braking system, can increase the electric range by up to 10 per cent.

There's a 3.3kW on-board charger, with an optional 6.6kW version also available. Vauxhall says it will also offer devices for fast charging at public stations, as well as home wall boxes which can fully charge the battery in less than two hours.

In the first images released by Vauxhall, there's little to distinguish the Grandland X Hybrid4 from the rest of the range other than discreet Hybrid badges mounted low on the front wings, a black bonnet - which will be a no-cost option - and hybrid power-train schematics on the multimedia screen.

Novel features will include a trip planner, which suggests the best routes based on the car's remaining range and highlights the location of charging stations along the way. The fitted as standard Navi 5.0 IntelliLink infotainment system guides drivers to the selected charging station.

Other on-board technology includes live navigation with real-time traffic information, as well as the ability to check key vehicle data via an app.

Order books for the hybrid Grandland are expected to be opened in the summer, marking a further step in Vauxhall's plan to have electric versions of every model in its range by 2024. Later this year, the all-electric version of the next-generation Corsa will go on sale and it will be followed by fully-electric versions of the new Vivaro Life MPV, the Vivaro van and the successor to the Mokka X.


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