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NISSAN has taken the ICE (internal combustion engine) out of the ice cream van, creating an all-electric, zero-emission concept for Clean Air Day in the UK on June 20th.

Nissan partnered withMackie's of Scotland, an ice cream producer powering its family-owned dairy farm by renewable wind and solar energy.

Nissan says the project demonstrates how a ‘Sky to Scoop' approach can remove carbon dependence at every stage of the ice cream journey.

Most ice cream vans, particularly older models, have diesel engines which are kept running to operate the refrigeration equipment. These motors are criticised for producing harmful emissions, including black carbon, when left idling.

Some UK towns and cities are now looking to ban or fine these vehicles. Nissan's concept presents a potential solution for vendors looking to reduce their carbon footprint, and offer customers a better experience.

The prototype van is based on the e-NV200, Nissan's 100 per cent electric LCV (light commercial vehicle).

"Ice cream is enjoyed the world over, but consumers are increasingly mindful of the environmental impact of how we produce such treats, and the ‘last mile' of how they reach us," said Kalyana Sivagnanam, managing director of Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd.

"By eliminating harmful tailpipe emissions, and increasing our use of renewable energy, we can help make this a better world for everyone."

The van's motor is driven by a 40kWh battery and the on-board ice cream equipment, including a soft-serve machine, freezer drawer and drinks fridge, are powered by the newly unveiledNissan Energy ROAM, which goes on sale later in 2019.

Designed for both professional and leisure applications, ROAM is a portable power pack that uses lithium-ion cells recovered from early first-generation Nissan electric vehicles (produced from 2010 onwards). This provides a sustainable second-life for Nissan EV batteries.

Karin Hayhow, marketing director at Mackie's of Scotland said: "At Mackie's we've already shifted our dependence from fossil-fuels on to clean renewable power. We now export 4.5 times more energy to the national grid than we consume. This year we will make further progress towards our vision with the installation of an innovative new low-carbon refrigeration system. We're proud to be a ‘climate positive' ice cream maker."


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