Stylish Skoda for

more than just the

caravan convoy

Skoda Karoq, front
Skoda Karoq, front
Skoda Karoq, front
Skoda Karoq, rear
Skoda Karoq, rear
Skoda Karoq, interior
Skoda Karoq, dynamic

APPARENTLY there is a survey doing the rounds which spotlights the things which really peeve drivers.

A huge number hate bad car parking etiquette, taking up two spaces, using the parent and child when the child is sitting it's A Levels and that weird one where you park in an empty car park at 9am on a Sunday and return half an hour later to find one other car has arrived and it's right up to you. Why? Is it some cry for help from the serially rejected?

For others it is the weavers. Not the Houghton Weavers but those idiots who use the centre lane hogging rules to imitate a snake on fire by using all three from both sides in half a mile.

Or people using their phones. Now they should actually be Wicker Man candidates, I'll bring the matches.

Another is services where the toilets are beyond a retail ‘experience' up some stairs, over the bridge and in the next county.

For me it is wags who ask if I am driving a Skoda to tow a caravan? No, I'm doing it because the Karoq diesel has just got me from Lancashire to Norfolk and back, plus sneering looks touring The Burnhams, on a tank of juice.

It has nothing at all to do with the Birdie Song or reversing neatly without taking out a family picnic and Sid James' squeeze in a bikini.

Sandy Ball's, can't be beaten.

I have no intention of finding a well signposted field and forming the wagons in a circle.

The Karoq Sportline 2.0-litre diesel DSG is a heavily equipped luxurious family 4x4 which, at £32,695 represents good value.

It is only available as a 4x4 which adds to fuel costs but if a compact off-roader is what you want this is an option worth exploring.

The 148bhp Sportline acceptably swift at 8.8 seconds to 62mph and 40mpg is on the cars, emissions at 144g/km.

On the road the ride is reasonably engaging, steady through the bends and responsive via the seven-speed automatic gearbox.

Is it comfortable? Well first impressions are that the ride is a bit lumpy and noised levels harsh but after a short getting to know you period and on long runs itsoon settles down to be more than acceptable to both front and back seats passengers.

It's those 19-inch low profiles which are the problem but for a lot of drivers they are a must.

The real story is just how much standard equipment he Sportline comes with including the complimentary umbrella under the passenger seat. Nice touch.

It is hard to decide where to start. Sure there are alloy style toys and obviously at this price sat nav is standard with voice control and wi-fi but then the Sportline begins to move off-piste with features like a driver fatigue sensor, auto mirror dimming and door bottom spotlights, front radar and auto braking along with a sport the idiot pedestrian package.

Rear view camera is to be expected along with a raft of safety and braking features but a ‘light assistant' with coming home and going out headlights, massive sunroof heated front seats are a bit beyond what others would fit.

There is plenty of room in the Sportline however those wanting a full rough and tumble package would be better heading in the direction of the Scout version.

This is a capable car-off road and going back to pet hates it would make a great choice for a caravan or horsebox. The thing is I can also think of a number of reasons to own it outside of a bank holiday convoy.


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