Hyundai i30 N Line+

Hyundai i30 N Line+, front action
Hyundai i30 N Line+, front static
Hyundai i30 N Line+, side action
Hyundai i30 N Line+, full rear action
Hyundai i30 N Line+, rear action
Hyundai i30 N Line+, dashboard
Hyundai i30 N Line+, front seats
Hyundai i30 N Line+, dash detail
Hyundai i30 N Line+, boot
Hyundai i30 N Line+, boot

LOTS of us would love a car with a sporty edge but don't want to pay extra to insure and fuel it.

No problem at all, say an increasing number of car makers. We'll keep it ordinary under the bonnet but make it look quick on the outside.

That way, everyone's happy. Your new motor looks the biz but won't cost an arm and a leg to run and we can make a bit more profit on each one we sell.

Which is why you can have a Civic Sport Line from Honda, Megane GT Line from Renault, Golf R-Line from Volkswagen... and the Hyundai i30 N Line driven here.

The usual formula has been applied to up the i30's sporting appeal, adding bigger (18-inch) alloy wheels, chunkier bumpers and black radiator grille and door mirrors along with twin exhaust pipes and some N Line badging.

Inside, you'll find sportier looking front seats in leather and suede (on this N Line+ edition) and N Line branding on gear selector and chunky leather wrapped steering wheel.

Leaving the engine alone, the N Line upgraders firmed the suspension, which ought to make the car feel more responsive without hitting an owner's wallet.

And it does, where the i30 attacks a smooth corner with conviction. You will, however, pay for this enthusiasm with a firmer ride that doesn't really settle on our awful road surfaces.

Larger front brakes are also part of the N Line package, which starts at £19,995 for a car with 120 horsepower 1.0-litre petrol engine and six-speed manual gearbox and tops out at £24,035 with the more powerful, auto-geared N Line+ car.

Leaving the engine untouched means the N Line tag brings perfectly respectable performance that's never going to thrill a driver in a hurry. There's compensation in fuel economy that showed an encouraging 42.6mpg after a week's work at the wheel.

With an automatic gearbox doing the shifting (and costing £1,040 more than the manual model) the i30 is a fine companion in stop-start traffic, where there's time to admire the depth of standard kit that comes with the car.

It includes front seats that are heated and have electric lumbar support, heated steering wheel, dual zone climate control, LED headlights, cruise control and an 8ins touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. For a modest £250 you can add an easy to use satellite navigation system.

Ditch goodies like auto air con for a simpler manual version and accept cloth seats and halogen headlights and you'll trim £2,000 off the bottom line with a non-plus model.

It will still leave you with a car built in the Czech Republic and finished to the same solid, no-nonsense standards as something built on a German production line.

Which means the minor controls don't need a degree to operate, the dials are sensibly sized and easily read and there's room in the back for a couple of adults and a boot big enough for their luggage (and yours too).


Hyundai i30 N Line+

Price: £24,035

Mechanical: 138bhp, 1,353cc, 4cyl petrol engine driving front wheels via 7-speed automatic gearbox

Max Speed: 127mph

0-62mph: 9.2 seconds

Combined MPG: 49.6

Insurance Group: 15

C02 emissions: 129g/km

Bik rating: 29%

Warranty: 5yrs unlimited miles


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