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SEAT Mii , front
SEAT Mii , front
SEAT Mii , front
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AS a city car or a first car for a young driver the SEAT Mii is pretty hard to beat.

It's usually a little cheaper than its sister cars the Skoda Citigo and the VW up! which are built in the same factory with the same engines and drivetrain give or take a model here and there.

The smallest SEAT has much to recommend it, offering very reasonable group 1 to 4 insurance, and 55-plus miles per gallon in real driving with a light right foot.

Also, in higher 75bhp form, it's more than capable of long journeys and accomplishes them with great ease and comfort.

There is just one engine available, a smooth and tuneful 1.0-litre three cylinder. It's available in two power outputs, the 75bhp model I've already mentioned, and also with 60bhp. Both drive the front wheels as you would expect, through a five-speed slick changing gearbox

The lower powered models will cover the zero to 62 miles an hour sprint in a pretty slow 14.4 seconds, while the 75bhp ones bring that down to a slightly better 13.2 seconds.

However, the higher output cars feel much more fun most of the time thanks to the engine's peppy nature, and rarely feel lacking in power.

That said, acceleration in them all is very linear, and of course, if you push them up the rev range, the economy suffers.

That you will have to do however if you want to overtake on two lane roads and it has to be done very carefully, to make sure there is enough time to get back onto your own side of the road.

Both engines are rated at over 60 miles per gallon in the official figures and there is a special green Ecomotive version of the Mii that pushes this up to no less than 68mpg.

Refinement is very good around town and over a longer trip and the level of comfort is excellent for a small car, taking rough city streets with ease and also smoothing out lumpy country roads.

This little hatch is a class act in most ways. It even handles well through the corners with little body roll and very good grip and balance.

That said, the steering is a little overlight, so gives little back to the driver in the way of confidence.

It's a small car that feels like a big car, helped by the refinement and the ride, but the fit and finish are also first class and everything works beautifully inside.

Four adults can ride in reasonable comfort for a good distance (it only has four seatbelts so can carry no more) and although the boot is fairly small, it will take a couple of small suitcases and the rear seats fold in a 50/50 pattern to make more space.

There are seven main specifications, plus a number of special editions but mid-range SE trim comes with front and side airbags, steering wheel height adjustment, traction control, air conditioning, alloys, electric heated mirrors and front electric windows.

Pay about £4,150 for a '15 15-reg 60bhp SE five door, or £5,750 for a '17 17-reg 75bhp FR Line 3 door.


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