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Volvo S80, front
Volvo S80, side
Volvo S80, rear
Volvo S80, interior

I ALWAYS liked the big Volvo S80's comfort and refinement and so do 99 per cent of the people who own one.

They also love its tremendous reliability, with many doing mileages up to 25,000 a year, and very few reporting any problems.

Some of these owners like them so much they are on their third of fourth and have every intention of buying another when the time comes.

And they regularly report no problems even with cars approaching 200,000 miles.

Like all big executive cars, S80s lose a large amount of their value a few years down the road, which brings them down to the same price as a supermini.

And as long as the all-important service history has been kept up - even if it's not by a dealer - mileage is not too important.

By the way, I would never buy any secondhand car without at least some recent service history to show it's been taken care of.

And that is particularly true for big cars like the Volvo that were originally very expensive.

The large S80 is a cosseting saloon that can be overlooked because its less popular than the BMWs and Mercs, but that means it will also stand out from the crowd in the car park.

There are a huge number of models to choose from, but all come well equipped as standard, and most have the smooth automatic six speed gearbox - which is just right for a large range topping car.

Petrol engines include a 1.6 turbo with 177bhp, a 2.0-litre with 142, a 2.5 turbo with between 197 and 231, a V6 3.2 with 234 and a 4.4-litre V8 with 310.

The 1.6 is capable of 40mpg and 0-60 miles an hour in 8.2 seconds, while the 2.0-litre can manage 34 and 11.2.

Obviously the more powerful models are quicker, but their economy drops right down - to 23 for the V8.

There are three diesels to choose from and these will form the majority available on the secondhand market.

They start with the economy king 1.6 DRIVe, which has 115bhp and 60 miles an hour acceleration of 12 seconds. But it is capable of an excellent 62 miles per gallon.

The 2.0-litre has 163bhp, giving power enough to make the 60mph sprint in 9.4 seconds and economy of 53mpg, while the range topping 2.4 has power ranging from 185 to 215bhp, giving 0 to 60mph in in about 7.5 seconds and 53mpg.

Some models have even been available with four wheel drive - both petrol and diesel - but only in the top specifications.

Diesel is definitely best for most private buyers, and the 2.4 five cylinder even comes with a fairly sweet sound, which is most unusual for a diesel.

High speed refinement is brilliant, the ride is marvellous and road holding and handling are also very good.

Inside all are stylish and everything is high quality and beautifully built - just as it should be at this level. There's good rear passenger space and a huge boot.

Equipment is generous in all, and the mid-range SE Sport includes electric heated front seats with leather trim, alarm, alloy wheels traction control, audio remote on steering wheel, climate, cruise and loads of airbags.

And of course, the amount of built-in safety equipment is second to none.

Pay about £10,500 for a 2013 D5 Executive auto, or £12,200 for a 2016 D4 SE Nav auto.


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