Volvo XC40 Electric

- it's frunky, man

Volvo XC40 Electric front design sketch
Volvo XC40 Electric under bonnet storage
Volvo XC40 Electric rear design sketch

VOLVO has released first details and design sketches of its first fully electric car, the battery-powered version of the XC40, ahead of its official unveiling in a couple of weeks' time.

And it's clear that the Swedish maker has done more than just insert an electrified power train under the skin of the multi award-winning compact SUV.

Less is more, says the company and design chief Robin Page explains: "Without the need for a grille we have created an even cleaner and more modern face, while the lack of tailpipes does the same at the rear. This is the approach we will explore more and more as we continue down the road of electrification."

The front grille in body colour creates a distinct visual identity at the front of the car, made possible by the fact that an electric car needs less air flow for cooling purposes. The grille also houses the sensors for the model's new advanced driver assistance systems.

With the battery pack housed under the floor and the fact that there's no bulky internal combustion engine Volvo's designers have been able to incorporate additional luggage space under the bonnet.

The special front load compartment - Volvo calls it a ‘frunk' - provides around 30 litres of extra load space because an electric motor takes less space than a combustion engine.

Inside there's a brand new driver interface specifically designed for electric cars while the interior design package features sporty styling details as well as carpets made of recycled materials.


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