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SEAT Exeo saloon
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SEAT Exeo ST 2.0 TDI SE Tech
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THESEAT Exeo saloon and estate are based on the 2005 series Audi A4 and are pretty much as good to drive - but have a different, latin tinted feel.

They were built between 2009 and 2013, so they are getting on in years. That means you don't buy without full or nearly full service history and as low a mileage as you can find.

They're stylish and good looking, well built, very well equipped even in the cheaper models, and come at lower than average prices.

Comfort is very good except occasionally at slow speeds - again rather like the A4 - where models from the same era can be slightly unsettled at times.

Insulation is comprehensive, so that there's little wind or road noise and this helps to make the cabin a relaxing place for longer journeys.

The Exeo was SEAT's first executive saloon and much of the interior was apparently taken from the A4, adding to the up-market feel.

The four door saloon makes a good family option, with decent rear legroom as long as the front seats are not too far back and a very big boot.

But, of course, the estate is even better for family load lugging, while driving just as well as the saloon.

There are two 2.0-litre engines available with a variety of power outputs. Most on the secondhand market will be diesels and these start with a 120bhp power output, that gives a 0 to 60 miles an hour sprint of just over 10 seconds and economy of 62 miles per gallon.

Then comes a 140bhp model, which almost matches the lower powered one for economy, but cuts the acceleration time to 8.9 seconds.

Finally, there's a 167bhp version that drops the 60mph sprint to 8.1 seconds and yet can still manage 52mpg.

The two petrol models are turbos with either 197 or 208bhp, but oddly, the later 208 model is the more economical, giving a best of 40mpg as opposed to 36.

My best buy is the 140bhp diesel, which has excellent performance giving plenty of punch in the mid-range and good acceleration even at motorway speeds in sixth gear.

Top notch VW group power steering helps towards excellent handling, where the car can be thrown around in great safety. It has super grip and very good road holding in either saloon or estate form.

Its nimble through every corner and beautifully balanced, clinging to the road surface -even when pressed beyond normal limits.

Seat and column adjustment is excellent and the seats are very comfortable, but a large transmission tunnel means there is really only room for four.

Mid range SE Lux spec includes an alarm, leather upholstery, cruise, alloy wheels, traction control, climate and loads of airbags.

It also has heated electric mirrors, audio remote control, split-fold back seats, lumbar support and parking sensors.

Pay about £4,000 for a '13 13-reg 140bhp SE TDI saloon, or £4,100 for a '12 12-reg SE Tech 140 TDI automatic. Estates are worth about £500 more.


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