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Volvo V40, front action
Volvo V40, 2016, R-Design, front
Volvo V40, 2016, R-Design, rear, action
Volvo V40, 2016, R-Design, boot
Volvo V40, front static
Volvo V40, dashboard
Volvo V40, front seats
Volvo V40, rear static
Volvo V40, rear action

THEREwas a time when Volvo was producing 171 different models of the V40 hatch and the secondhand market had some difficulty valuing them.

Instead of having an extras list, they seemed to have a different model for every extra few pieces of equipment, which was patently ridiculous.

So when it comes to buying one of these excellent Golf-sized hatches secondhand, just make sure it has everything you want on board before you lay your money down.

All this became obvious when I came to evaluate the various models from this range of excellent medium hatches that have much in their favour.

I could not possibly go through the huge range of models, but the number of engines is much easier to deal with.

From what I have seen, the majority sold in this country are fitted with one of four diesel power units.

Lowliest is the D2, which has a 1.6 producing 120bhp and giving excellent economy of 55mpg. It can also cover the zero to 60mph miles an hour sprint in a shade over 10 seconds.

There is also a 2.0-litre unit in another D2 that also produces 120bhp and offers similar performance and economy.

Then comes the 2.0-litre D3 with 150bhp and it covers the 60mph sprint in eight seconds and yet can still return over 50mpg.

Finally there is a yet more powerful version of the same engine with 190bhp. This one takes just seven seconds to get to 60mph and yet economy is still a very good 50mpg.

All the diesel models have very low emissions rivalling the best in class when they were produced.

Petrol engines start with a 122bhp 1.6 T2 and that's followed by turbocharged versions of the same unit in the T3, producing 152bhp, and T4 producing 177bhp.

The barnstormer at the top of the range is the 245bhp T5 but quick though it is, with 0 to 60mph in just 6.2 seconds, the ride is fairly harsh thanks to stiffened sporting suspension.

Obviously, economy is not up to the diesels, but unless you cover mega mileage, the lower prices may be more attractive.

Finally, there are three Cross Country models of the D3, T3 and T5, with raised suspension giving an SUV look. However, only the T5 comes with four wheel drive.

Standard transmission on most was a six-speed manual gearbox, but a six-speed automatic was also available on most and standard on the T5.

All models are good to drive - as you might expect from the performance figures - and the fact that it was based on the second Ford Focus - a very good starting point.

It's a premium hatchback in the same class as the Audi A3 and much of the time is as good to drive.

Refinement is top drawer and it's quiet at speed, with a comfortable ride even on the larger alloy wheels often fitted.

Road holding is excellent, with very good body control through the corners and well-weighted steering.

That refinement pays dividends on the motorway helping to make it a very good all rounder.

Visibility could be better when manoeuvring because of chunky rear pillars, but many will have parking sensors and, if you need them, they can easily be retro-fitted these days.

The seats are beautifully shaped and supportive and equipment in the mid-range SE Navincludes an alarm, sat nav, steering wheel audio controls, alloys, climate and heated mirrors.

It also has a wide range of electronic safety devices, traction control, split fold rear seats, cruise control and a very good size boot.

Pay about £6,600 for a '14 14-reg D2 SE Nav, or £9,700 for a '16 16-reg T3 Momentum automatic.


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