Isuzu D-Max Utah

Double Cab Manual

Isuzu D-Max, front
Isuzu D-Max, front
Isuzu D-Max, rear
Isuzu D-Max Fury fascia

ONCE upon a time you could buy a range of Isuzu vehicles in the UK but the D-Max pick-up is the sole survivor of a brand renowned for its rugged go anywhere capabilities.

I have fond memories of the Isuzu Trooper - a purposeful no nonsense SUV in a similar vein to the Mitsubishi Shogun.

It was never a huge seller in the UK but it had a kind of utilitarian charm.

The pick-up segment is a congested one - one of the reasons being the fact that their commercial vehicle status means they make very affordable company cars.

If you're prepared to eschew creature comforts and refinement in order to save yourself a few you pounds then you probably won't be disappointed.

Pick-ups generally have some of the inherent charm of that aforementioned Isuzu Trooper. Climb up into the cabin (it feels like quite a big step) and you start to feel nicely cocooned in your own little world looking down on more modestly sized vehicles.

Like all pick-ups the D-Max range offers a family of vehicles that spans everything from being a dedicated work vehicle - ideal for a construction or forestry worker - to what to all intents and purposes is a fairly family-friendly SUV.

The range starts with basic Utility trim, available in single cab, extended cab and double cab body styles.

Single cab features just driver and passenger seats while extended cab is essentially a single cab format but with the benefit of extra storage space behind the seats.

Double cab offers four doors and five seats and more of an SUV-like environment.

Moving up through the range the next trim levels are Eiger and Yukon.

While the Utility, with its simple steel wheels and very basic interior, is available in single, extended and double cab form, the Yukon is only offered in extended and double cab form.

Eiger, Utah and Blade models are double cab only

If you want a vehicle .that has a fairly decent level of comfort and refinement you'll need to go for Utah or Blade models, which feel far more car-like and come with the kind of on-board features many big-car buyers will expect as standard.

The Yukon and Eiger models come with alloy wheels and painted bumpers and more besides.

Eiger models have a reversing camera (a pretty handy feature in a vehicle this big) and a CD player.

Yukon trim adds slightly bigger alloys, a seven-inch touchscreen display, leather covered steering wheel and cruise control.

This vehicle was a Utah model, which has additional standard equipment in the shape of sat-nav, keyless go, leather heated seats, roof bars, automatic air conditioning, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and DAB radio.

Step up the a Blade and additional features include a larger nine-inch touchscreen, premium lether seats and a load bay canopy.

If you fancy going the whole hog then you can plump for the Arctic Trucks AT35, which with its 35-inchtryes, added ride height and other enhancements starts to resemble something out of a Mad Max movie.

There's a standard engine across the range - a 1.9-litre diesel unit - which replaced a larger 2.5-litre engine in 2017.

It's still as powerful as the old engine but way more efficient and more refined - though refinement is not necessarily a distinguishing feature, if that makes sense.

There's a choice of six-speed manual or automatic transmissions.

Of course not everyone chooses a pick-up as a cheap company car - they make great towing vehicles, whether it's for caravans, horseboxes or boats, and the D-Max is a capable performer when it comes to towing with a capacity of 3,5 tons.

Other plus points include a five-year 125,000-mile warranty.

While the D-Max might not be the most sophisticated of pick-ups its off-road abilities are impressive.


Isuzu D-Max Utah Double Cab Manual

Price: £25,709

Mechanical: 164bhp, 1,898cc, 4-cylinder, diesel-driven engine with 6-speed manual gearbox

Max Speed: 112mph

0-62mph: 12.7 secs

Combined MPG: 40.4

Insurance Group: 40

C02 emissions: 183g/km

Bik rating: 37%

Warranty:5yrs/125,000 miles


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