New Lotus Evora

gives more for less

Lotus Evora GT410
Lotus Evora GT410 head on
Lotus Evora GT410 front threequarters
Lotus Evora GT410 rear threequarters
Lotus Evora GT410 rear detail
Lotus Evora GT410 cockpit

MORE kit for less money isn't a phrase you'll hear too often in the motoring world, so we can only hope that Lotus is setting a new trend with a new version of the good-looking Evora sports car.

This second model in the range sells alongside the Evora GT410 Sport, which also benefits from a revised specification but, somewhat confusingly, it's also called the Evora GT410 - only the Sport designation has been removed.

Significantly, however, no less than £3,000 has been removed from the Sport's list price while numerous features, previously on the Sport's options list, have been fitted as standard in the newcomer which is designed, says Lotus, to be a more usable everyday car while the original remains "the most driver-focused and lightweight choice" in the Evora range.

It's priced at £82,900 and the upgraded standard specification now includes Sparco sport seats, air-con, a reversing camera, premium infotainment system with sat-nav, DAB radio and Apple CarPlay and increased cabin sound insulation. The GT410's door trims now feature integrated arm rests and storage bins.

The car has a revised damper rate compared with the GT410 Sport creating a more compliant ride while a new rear tailgate features a large glass section for improved rear visibility.

Red AP Racing brake callipers and silver or gloss black V-spoke cast alloy wheels, cruise control, heated seats and rear parking sensors are carried over from the GT410 Sport which has now had Sparco sport seats, air-con, and the premium infotainment system including DAB digital radio, sat-nav and Apple CarPlay, added to its standard specification.

Lotus has also announced new ways for customers to enhance the specification of the Elise and Exige, including the reintroduction of the optional Touring and Sport packs. Touring enables the customer to add comfort and convenience while Sport is based on more driver-focused features.


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