Honda e - an

electric dream

Honda e, 2020, front, action
Honda e, 2020, rear, static
Honda e, 2020, side
Honda e, 2020, front, charging
Honda e, 2020, nose
Honda e, 2020, side, action
Honda e, 2020, charging
Honda e, 2020, interior
Honda e, 2020, interior, driving
Honda e, 2020, rear, action
Honda e, 2020, rear view camera housing
Honda e, 2020, charging point

I HAVE seen the future - and it belongs to Honda.

The company has unveiled its new all-electric Honda e to spectacular acclaim.

It was first seen as a concept car two and a half years ago but no-one thought Honda would be brave enough to build it.

And Honda has aced it, giving us a car that befits the 21st century.

The Honda e city car is fun, quirky, cute and hugely capable in all respects.

Crafted from the ground up as an electric model it is crammed full of connectivity and all the advantages that come with that.

Priced from £28,660 it has a choice of power outputs with the more powerful 154ps version having a top speed is 91mph and a 0 to 60mph accleration time of 8.3 seconds. On a full charge Honda says it has a range of 130 miles.

But first and foremost it looks different from anything that has gone before with its neat snub nose, John Lennon-type glass headlights, smooth lines with integrated handles and a pretty rear all sitting on 17-inch alloys.

Inside it has a lounge-like feel with fabric seats, wooden trim - and then we get to the nitty gritty.

Right across the dash from one side to another are five screens.

At either end are the pictures from the cameras that have replaced the wing mirrors. They work even in the rain.

Behind the steering wheel is the third screen with driver information and sat nav detail.

In the middle are two wide screens offering everything else you could ever want and which can be swapped over at the touch of a button.

While the driver is following the sat nav, front seat passengers can pick their favourite radio station, get on to the WiFi, check the power flow, speak to the car's personal assistant, request the latest news.

The screens are a never ending source of help and information and you use them just as you would your iPhone.

There is a phone integrated into the car but you can also connect your own smartphone and use it remotely to find your car in a car park, check the charge level, make sure you locked the door or set the climate controls before you get in.

You can even send a digital key to someone so they can drive the car when you are away.

It comes with two electric power trains and two trims - the Honda e and the Honda e Advance which is the more powerful at 154ps but you can't sniff at 136ps either.

They both work from a 35.5kWh battery driving a motor over the rear wheels.

This ensures a well balanced and positive drive. It's also loads of fun because being an electric car the e just takes off from the moment you put your foot down.

It is willing and agile - a bit like an exuberant puppy - and it will power along on the motorway too.

It recuperates power as you go and there are various ways to enhance this recuperation. We actually gained range at various points on our drive.

The Honda e is a remarkable car into which the design team have poured a lot of thought.

Sometimes you drive a car and you realise it is nothing like anything that has come before. The Honda e is one of those cars.

Interest has been huge and in those out of the way places that you would not think would suit this type of car.

However the Honda e looks like it is going to be one of those creations that breaks all moulds and smashes through all barriers.


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