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Porsche Cayman, side
Porsche Cayman side

THEPorsche 911 has always been the one we lust after, but if you want your Porsche for driving enjoyment, save some cash and drive its brilliant little brother.

The company must have lost sales of the 911 when it introduced the Cayman, which is an absolute delight to drive in every way.

I have been lucky enough to enjoy three or four of them and even put one of the more powerful versions through its paces on the Porsche handling circuit at Silverstone.

Every one was so good, so perfect, that driving them was like the first day of the holidays. Over many hundreds of miles on road and track, I can honestly say that very few sports cars compare.

From the perfectly weighted and delightfully tactile steering, to the marvellous-sounding, free revving mid-mounted engine, this is one of the best driver's cars on the planet.

The road holding is sublime, with the most amazing levels of grip. They are rarely upset by poor surfaces mid-corner and simply track through at what would seem impossible speeds to the drivers of other cars.

The handling balance - always a mark of a good car - is immaculate, with superb feel from the marvellously direct steering and the whole car instils confidence like very few others.

Magnificent brakes are spot-on perfect, reining in all the engine's power with consummate ease, and the ride - at least in the lower order models - is much better than any such sporting car has a right to.

The flat six boxer engine has enough power to reel in the horizon as if it is on the end of a line even in the lower power cars and yet will trickle through town in high gear without any dramatics.

The manual gearchange is quick and slick, but the clutch in some models can be quite heavy. The answer to that is to find one with the excellent PDK automatic option.

Engines in the first model built up to 2013 are either 2.7, 2.9 or 3.4-litres with power ranging from 245 to 325bhp and 0 to 60mph acceleration of just six seconds even in the standard 2.7-litre.

Between 2013 and 2016, the base model's 2.7 power went up to 271bhp, while at the top of the range came the GT4, which had a 3.4 engine and 379bhp.

The Cayman really does make a supercar for everyday use and I keep hoping that one day, when the lotto comes up, I'll have one sitting outside the house.

Porsches generally have a very good reputation for reliability, so as long as the proper dealer or specialist service history is complete and spotless, high mileage need not be a problem.

Unlike some 911s, there is a great view all round from the driver's seat, which has enough adjustment for all sizes to be comfortable.

It is only a two seater, but there is decent storage in the cabin and both front and rear boots - the rear one sitting above the engine.

Equipment in standard trim includes alarm, alloys, traction control, aircon and part leather seats.

Pay about £23,800 for a '15 15-reg 2.7 manual, or £20,700 for a '12 12-reg 3.4S automatic.


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