New Mokka tested to

the extreme

Vauxhall Mokka, 2020, Arctic testing, front
Vauxhall Mokka, 2020, Arctic testing, side
Vauxhall Mokka, 2020, Arctic testing, rear
Vauxhall Mokka, 2020, testing, rough surface
Vauxhall Mokka, 2020, testing, water
Vauxhall Mokka, 2020, testing, jump

VAUXHALL has released more images of its new Mokka SUV, this time undergoing testing in the Arctic Circle and in Germany.

Engineers are currently setting up the new Mokka for optimum acoustic comfort in the interior, driving safety at high speeds and Vauxhall-typical steering and pedal feel.

The new Mokka generation is a completely new design based on parent company PSA's CMP multi-energy platform (Common Modular Platform).

This platform offers maximum flexibility in vehicle development and also allows the use of purely battery-electric drive as well as internal combustion engines.

With high-strength steels in the body, the vehicle weight is low and the stability is high, says Vauxhall.

The new Mokka weighs up to 120 kilograms less than the previous model - with almost the same wheelbase and tyre sizes.

With the electric Mokka-e, the batteries are installed deep in the vehicle floor, which lowers the centre of gravity and at the same time increases torsional rigidity by a further 30 per cent.

The images of the new Mokka under test show the car still hiding behind a green and black camouflage, with 3D-like graphics that blur the vehicle's contours.

In the Arctic, the Mokka chassis has been set up to harmonise ABS, ESP and assistance systems with the vehicle's general handling characteristics.

High speed and other testing has taken place at the Opel Rodgau-Dudenhofen Test Centre near Frankfurt in Germany to fine tune the Mokka for motorway work and give the car Vauxhall ‘feel' for steering and suspension.

The new model is similar to the latest Peugeot 2008 and production is due to start later this year with the car on sale in the UK early in 2021.


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