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Mitsubishi Colt Juro 5dr
Mitsubishi Colt Juro, front, action
Mitsubishi Colt Juro, front
Mitsubishi Colt Juro, side
Mitsubishi Colt Juro, rear
Mitsubishi Colt Juro, rear
Mitsubishi Colt Juro, interior

THEMitsubishi Colt hatch is getting pretty long in the tooth now but in the way of many smaller cars, there are numbers around with lower mileage and full service history.

And Mitsubishis have always had an excellent reputation for lasting well without reliability issues. They were the first cars to be offered in this country with a three year warranty - years before any other auto manufacturer.

Lots of Colts were bought by people who only used them now and again and so an eight year old car, which would normally have 80 - 100,000 miles on the clock, could well have only 40 or 50,000.

I've thoroughly enjoyed driving all the different models that have come my way. Even the smallest 1.1-litre three cylinder can be huge fun and the 1.3-litre only improves on that.

The Colt went out of production in 2013 so the latest available is going to be the end of that year.

Earlier models were available with a 1.5 turbo diesel and with a 1.5 turbo petrol, but by the end of the run, only the 1.1 and the 1.3 were left so I'll concentrate on them.

The 1.1 is only available in the entry CZ-1 and has 75bhp from a very sweet sounding and peppy three cylinder engine.

It will reach 60mph from a standstill in 12.4 seconds but feels quicker and it should be able to do 51 miles per gallon with careful driving.

The 1.3 is a four cylinder with 95bhp and as you would expect, it has a higher top speed. It brings the 60 miles an hour sprint down to 10.6 seconds and can achieve over 50mpg.

Then comes the economy special 1.3 Cleartec. Although it has the same power output, economy goes up to 56mpg, with lower emissions, putting it in a low tax bracket.

It achieves this by using low rolling resistance tyres, standard stop/start and even lower viscosity engine oil to cut friction losses.

It is also strangely, the quickest in the range, covering the 60mph sprint in 10.1 seconds and it's a hoot to drive.

All ride reasonably comfortably and handle very well, with strong road-holding and grip and a lovely safe balance through the corners.

The power steering is positive and direct with loads of feel, there is very little roll in corners and the front seats hold reasonably well.

The Colt is a good deal bigger than other superminis - almost making it a mini-MPV - with plenty of interior space, a reasonable boot and a rear seat that slides to make more boot space or legroom.

There are also lots of storage points around the cabin, including the Mitusbishi Multibox, which is a series of small cubbies in the centre console to stop smaller items getting lost.

Equipment in the 1.3 CZ2 includes remote locking, electric front windows, air con, alloys, audio remote controls, and height adjustable driver's seat.

Pay about £1,600 for a '13 13-reg CZ1 1.1 three door, or £1,950 for a '12 12-reg CZ2 1.3 Cleartec five door.

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