Ford puts Focus on


Ford Focus EcoBoost Hybrid
Ford Focus 2020 cockpit
Ford Focus 2020 digital instrument cluster

A PAIR of mild hybrid models are set to join an enhanced Ford Focus range featuring a fuel efficient EcoBoost Hybrid electrified powertrain.

Two versions of the new power train, offering outputs of 125 and 155PS, are now available to order with prices starting at £23,610. The system adds sophisticated 48-volt mild hybrid technology to Ford's one-litre EcoBoost engine to deliver up to 17 per cent better fuel efficiency with CO2 emissions reduced to 116 g/km compared with the outgoing equivalent model which was fitted with a 150 PS 1.5âlitreEcoBoost petrol engine

In addition to the new electrified powertrain option, the enhanced Focus also delivers a more premium driver experience with a new "true colour" 12.3-inch LCD instrument cluster which includes specific electrical energy usage information on the new Hybrid models.

The FordPass Connect modem is now fitted as standard and will come with an innovative Local Hazard Information system later this year.

The technology can inform drivers of a hazardous situation on the road ahead, even if the incident is not visible due to a bend in the road or other vehicles with notifications delivered independent of sat-nav - sourced from local authorities, emergency services, and driving data from other vehicles connected to "the cloud".

Notifications of hazards including road works; broken down vehicles; animals, pedestrians and objects in the carriageway and even hazardous driving conditions are delivered to the vehicle over-the-air, giving drivers advanced warning of developing situations beyond their field of vision.

"What makes Local Hazard Information different is that it is the cars that are connected - there is no reliance on third party apps," says Joerg Beyer, Ford's European executive director of engineering. "This is a significant step forward. Warnings are specific, relevant and tailored to try to help improve your specific journey."


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