Nissan brings Alexa

to Juke

Nissan Juke Enigma, 2021, front
Nissan Juke Enigma, 2021, side
Nissan Juke Enigma, 2021, rear
Nissan Juke Enigma, 2021, roof
Nissan Juke Enigma, 2021, centre console
Nissan Juke Enigma, 2021, interior badge

NISSAN is launching a special edition of the Juke crossover which comes with advanced connectivity using the Amazon Alexa system.

The Enigma version of the Juke will be available from January this year and will be priced from £23,195 putting it almost at the top of the range.

Styled with the option of special grey, black or white paint finish and sitting on 19-inch alloys, the Enigma Juke uses the Alexa set up to enhance the NissanConnect infotainment system.

It enables users to control some of their vehicle functions remotely from their smartphone or an Alexa-enabled device.

By asking Alexa, they can remotely find out their Juke's doors lock/unlock status, how much fuel they have left, send a location to the on-board navigation system, and other services from their home.

Using the system connects the car to an Alexa device which can send an address to the Juke's NissanConnect Navigation with TomTom Traffic, turn on the lights, determine the vehicle's parking location, learn remaining fuel range and check door-lock status.

Marco Fioravanti, Nissan Europe's vice president, product planning, said: "The Nissan Juke offers head-turning design and advanced technology in a truly compelling package. Enigma draws on unique styling and intelligent connectivity to enhance the driving experience."

It is the first time Nissan has offered the Alexa system on any of its models in Europe.


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