Jaguar I-PACE 400ps


Jaguar I-Pace, front static 3
Jaguar I-Pace, front static
Jaguar I-Pace, side static
Jaguar I-Pace, front static 4
Jaguar I-Pace, boot
Jaguar I-Pace, rear static
Jaguar I-Pace, rear static 2
Jaguar I-Pace, dashboard
Jaguar I-Pace, front seats
Jaguar I-Pace, rear seats

NEED a car that turns down stress levels so low that even a Monday morning commute will have you looking forward to the battle ahead?

Well, here's an unlikely contender for spreading joy and happiness along every mile of the journey - Jaguar's big, heavy and pricey all-electric I-PACE.

For here's a car that will take you in near silence on a trip of more than 200 miles without the fear you'll run out of electric juice - and do it all with such delicious lack of drama you'll smile at the Jaguar's charms.

It is also blindingly quick when you need to whip past the dodderer in front, making overtakes a matter of moments and a sure fire way of keeping down those stress levels.

It will also cost comparative peanuts to run (once you're over the initial purchase price), especially if you're able to plug into your domestic electricity supply and charge up overnight.

My electricity supplier would want £5.08 for each 100 miles put under the test I-PACE's huge wheels. Choose a diesel powered Jaguar F-Pace, of similar size but lots slower than its electric sibling and that figure more than doubles to £11.20.

So, contentment looks assured, you say. Well, yes, but with a caution. Journeys of more than about 220 miles will mean a charge along the way. And that can mean a 40 minute break at a fast charger on a garage forecourt, which has you sitting in the car, or sipping a coffee in the service station's bleak surroundings.

Your electricity bill will also be much higher - InstaVolt, for instance, wants 35p for every kilowatt it sells you. My home supplier asks a mere 13.2p. So charge up at home whenever you can.

You will put costs far from your thought the first time you press the I-Pace's accelerator pedal with some enthusiasm. This car - all two-plus tons of it - sets off from rest like a Cape Canaveral moon shot.

Then a corner arrives and you're surprised how well a car so tall can cope without leaning over to ocean racing yacht angles. Rein in the enthusiasm just a bit and you'll have a superbly cosseting ground coverer at your command.

Electronic air suspension (£1,100 extra) made the best of our awful roads but another add-on in the shape of enormous 22ins alloy wheels (£500) might have looked the business but could be felt working hard too much of the time.

Save the cash and enjoy a better ride, I'd say. Also, don't bother with a suede-like finish to the steering wheel at an eye opening £610. Take the standard leather - and retain the built-in heated rim too for those chilly morning departures.

While your chill mitts are warming, there's time to take in a cabin that mixes modern touch screens with just enough sensible old world controls to keep stress levels down.


Jaguar I-PACE 400ps HSE

Price: £74,395

Mechanical: 394bhp electric engine driving four wheels via single gear

Max Speed: 124mph

0-62mph: 4.8 seconds

Combined MPG: 258-292 miles

Insurance Group: 50

C02 emissions: 0g/km

Bik rating: 0%

Warranty: 3yrs/unlimited miles


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