Google voice for

Fiat 500 family

Fiat 500 Hey Google models, 2021, front
Fiat 500 Hey Google, 2021, dashboard
Fiat 500 Hey Google, 2021, seat trim

FIAT is teaming up with computer giant Google to bring an advanced voice control system to its family of 500 models.

The Hey Google system will be available on the 500 hybrid, the 500X crossover and the larger 500L with prices starting from £16,005.

The 500X with Hey Google is priced from £21,765 and the 500L costs from £20,345 and all of the models feature a distinctive pattern in the seat trim to mark the Google link up..

The Hey Google system enables voice control for a variety of vehicle functions and can be used via a smartphone or Google's Nest Hub - a digital display included with a welcome kit when buying a 500 family Hey Google car.

The Hey Google special series increases user interaction with the car and it can also be used remotely

Using the command "Hey Google, ask my Fiatâ¦" users can find out where the car is parked, how much fuel is left, the location of the nearest workshop.

In its interaction with the Fiat Mopar Connect telematics box, included as standard with the new Hey Google models, the Hey Google voice assistant provides all the information required to keep the vehicle status under constant control, find the car's location and monitor the journeys made - a service also useful for fleet managers.

Fiat says the voice assistant is always available as it's connected to their mobile phone, smart device and the Nest Hub.


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