New Nissan X-Trail


Nissan X-Trail, 2021, nose

A NEW Nissan X-Trail has been revealed and will be launched in Europe in the summer of 2022.

The SUV was given its premiere at the Shanghai Auto Show in China and like the latest Nissan Qashqai it is based on the company's CMF-C platform which is designed to accommodate Nissan's advanced e√ĘPOWER powertrain.

The new X-Trail will be the fourth generation of the successful family-oriented model and will retain the formula of the previous generations, offering a flexible and versatile interior combined with the latest Nissan on-board technologies.

Nissan says that like the current X-Trail, the new iteration will be available with a folding third row of seats offering extra convenience for families and friends to share rich experiences away from home, but it will remain sufficiently compact for easy parking manoeuvres.

The new X-Trail will be available with Nissan's e-POWER installation, which is a Nissan innovation and a key component in the company's Intelligent Mobility strategy.

The special feature of the e-POWER installation is that the petrol engine is used solely to generate electricity, while the wheels are driven only by the electric motor.

This means the engine can always run within its optimal range, leading to superior fuel efficiency and lower CO2emissions compared with a traditional internal combustion engine.

It is a powertrain innovation for those who are not ready to embrace a full electric vehicle, but want to enjoy the advantages of an electrified powertrain.

With the 4WD version, the all-new X-Trail will continue to use Nissan's advanced snow, gravel or mud configurable all-wheel drive system.


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