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Fiat New 500, detail
Fiat New 500, front static

FIAT'S fully electric New 500 aims to calm fears of running out of charge by turning off the climate control and heated seats and limiting the car to 50mph as the battery hits about 30 miles to empty.

Priced from £19,995 and with deliveries due this spring, the New 500's power saving mode "ensures drivers can put fears of range anxiety to the back of their minds thanks to new technology which conserves the vehicle's battery power, reducing its overall consumption," says Fiat.

While the power saving mode automatically activates when the car's battery levels are low, it can be utilised at any time to help conserve the battery and extend a journey.

Drivers also have the option to override the technology and select an alternative driving mode, or they can firmly press on the accelerator to override the 50mph limit and automatically return to Normal mode.

When drivers reach their nearest charging destination, the New 500 requires only five minutes of charging to achieve a range of up to 30 miles, proving more than sufficient for the average commute in the UK, says Fiat.

"While the majority of drivers could comfortably go about their day and genuinely never have to worry about range, we do understand it is one of the key concerns around EV ownership," said Greg Taylor, Fiat Country Manager.

"This power saving mode will hopefully add an extra layer of comfort to a consumer who might be looking to buy their first electric car. In addition, being able to get 30 miles of charge in just five minutes means drivers won't be waiting long when they do need to charge."

The New 500 can cover up to 199 miles on the combined cycle, but can go even further in the city: up to 248 miles on the urban cycle.


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