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Mitsubishi Shogun Sport, 2018, front, action
Mitsubishi Shogun Sport, 2018, front
Mitsubishi Shogun Sport, 2018, rear, action
Mitsubishi Shogun Sport, 2018, interior
Mitsubishi Shogun Sport, 2018, display screen
Mitsubishi Shogun Sport, 2018, boot
Mitsubishi Shogun Sport, 2018, badge

MITSUBISHI helped pave the way towards electrification with the hot-selling plug-in hybrid Outlander. But its newer big brother, the Shogun Sport, takes an entirely different and far more traditional approach.

Top of the currents range, and a somewhat nostalgic blast to the past, it packs a lusty 2.4-litre turbo diesel engine producing sufficient torque to give it a towing capacity of 3.1 tonnes.

There are no options of hybrid, electrified power or even pure petrol - just the old-school diesel.

After a brief outing in the Shogun Sport - price just north of £38,000 - it will come as little surprise that it's closely related to the established and well-respected L200 pick-up, an everyday favourite among farmers and the construction industry alike.

Despite its working origins, there is no shortage of creature comforts - especially in the 4 spec version driven here. Cruise control, heated front seats, dual climate control, LED lights, leather seats and touchscreen infotainment system are all there, to help make it as civilised as luxury saloon.

On the road, however, the Sport shows its heritage with heavy, rather ponderous handling, ample body roll and a somewhat throbby, vocal diesel engine. Considerable torque helps disguise the leisurely in-gear acceleration allowing 62mph to be reached in around 11 seconds, slower than most rivals. Top speed is 112mph.

At cruising speeds, the engine is less intrusive and the ride settles down to make it quite relaxing. Road and wind noise are relatively subdued by big SUV standards.

The automatic gearbox is fitted with steering wheel paddles that are pleasantly direct and precise. The eight speed transmission works well enough, although there's a slight jerkiness to the changes as it slices up the box.

This is a serious off-roader, with the equipment to match. Four wheel drive can be manually engaged through a rotary control near the gear lever. There are also settings to best suit mud and snow, rock or gravel.

With impressive ground clearance of 218mm, hill descent system and a low ratio set of gears, it is able to traverse terrain that would easily defeat many other high-riders.

As you'd expect from a tall, heavy workhorse like the Shogun, economy isn't its strongest quality. Accordingly, an emissions figure of 227g/km illustrates just that. Most owners can expect an on-road economy figure of the mid 20s with a best of about 30mpg.

Visibility from the high-set cabin is good front and rear. Parking is made easier thanks to 360 degree camera and blindspot warning system, both standard features in 4 trim.

In seven seater form there's just 131 litres of luggage space, but fold down the final row and use it as a five-seater and the boot holds a reasonable 502litres. As a two-seater, with the last two rows tucked away you can stow almost 1500litres of cargo.

Unfortunately the boot platform is set quite high so heavy items can be difficult to load.


Mitsubishi Shogun Sport

Price: £38,690

Mechanical: 2.4litre, 179bhp, 4 cyl, diesel engine driving 4 wheels via automatic gearbox

Max Speed: 112mph

0-62mph: 11.1 sec

Combined MPG: 32.8

Insurance Group: 43

C02 emissions: 227g/km

Bik rating: 37%

Warranty: 5yrs/62,500 miles

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