Hyundai Tucson 1.6

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AFTER a stressful day at work most people look for something to relax them on the drive home.

And while music might help, the sound of waves breaking on the shore with the call of seagulls overhead or birdsong in a forest glade is more likely transport you to a place that will calm you down.

And as you take the driver's seat in the latest Hyundai Tucson that's exactly what you'll get.

And it's just one of a vast array of innovative features which puts the fourth generation Tucson way out in front in the desirability stakes in the mid sized SUV market.

The new Tucson hybrid is a game changer for Hyundai, with a car that's not only a match for mainstream manufacturers but also premium German car makers too. It's that good.

The latest Tucson arrived on our shores in January and is not only bigger, bolder and more dynamic than the previous generation model but is on a different plane altogether in terms of innovation and design.

Its radical muscular styling makes it a macho sensation, with an eye-catching powerful grille and sharp angled sides with innovative shapes in the metal.

Best of all the unique black chrome multi faceted grille takes on a dynamic new look when the lights are turned on and whole sections of the dark metal transform into daylight running lights.

Hit the road and the surprises just keep coming. In front of the driver are two conventional dials, a speedometer on the left and - when in sport mode - a rev counter on the right.

But as you indicate to turn right the rev counter disappears and is replaced by a camera generated view alongside the right side of the car. Indicate left and the speedo disappears to show a view along the left side of the car - all aimed at improving safety on turns.

During the manoeuvre the speed and revs appear as digital readouts on the camera view so there‘s no loss of information.

In addition a front view camera as well as rear view cameras with a 360 degree view from above make parking simple.

And if the exterior of the Tucson is dynamic the cabin in the Ultimate spec version is equally so with its wrap-round dashboard, full length panoramic sun roof, high seating position, three-zone climate control, leather upholstery, heated and cooled seats in the front, heated rear seats and a heated steering wheel.

There are few physical switches now on the new model as most of the controls are actioned via a large central touch screen

There's no gearshift either for the six speed auto box, simply buttons on the centre console between the two front seats marked Drive, Neutral and Reverse. Paddles behind the steering wheel, however, are there for those who want to change gear manually to liven things up.

Power comes from a 1.6-litre petrol engine working in partnership with an electric motor. And while that might sound relatively small to power such a big car which weighs in at just a little short of 1.7 tonnes there's no questioning the power generated.

With 230bhp this Tucson is quick. Normal driving mode is always in Eco for town work but when you want action a nudge on the chrome switch on the centre console moves it into sport mode and the power just keeps on coming.

Switch back to eco and it's surprising just how often you find the car running on electricity alone, hence the impressive 50mpg average fuel consumption.

And while this model is two rather four-wheel-drive it does have the benefit of downhill brake control for really steep gradients.

Combine all that with a superbly quiet and refined cabin, generous passenger space and a 620-litre boot beneath the powered tailgate and it's hardly surprising Hyundai bosses can't stop boasting about their latest creation.

£37,195 (tech pack £1,300)

230bhp, 1,598cc, 4cyl petrol/electric hybrid driving front wheels via six speed automatic gearbox

120 mph

8.0 secs



131 g/km


5yrs/unlimited mileage


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