Across takes Suzuki

to new territory

Suzuki Across, 2021, front
Suzuki Across, 2021, front, static
Suzuki Across, 2021, side
Suzuki Across, 2021, rear
Suzuki Across, 2021, interior
Suzuki Across, 2021, instrument panel
Suzuki Across, 2021, boot
Suzuki Across, 2021, boot, maximum
Suzuki Across, 2021, engine
Suzuki Across, 2021, charging
Suzuki Across, 2021, display screen
Suzuki Across, 2021, rear seats
Suzuki Across, 2021, drive mode selector

SUZUKI is entering its second century and kicking off proceedings with its first plug-in model.

The Across is a joint venture with Toyota and its an SUV that shares its roots with the PHEV version of the RAV4.

It Is also a Suzuki that tips the scales at £45,599 - and for that you get a car that doesn't have sat nav included in the price.

However, it does have a class-leading zero emission range of 46 miles and comes with a theoretical fuel consumption of 282.4mpg.

In the real world expect a fuel return of around 43 to the gallon which is what we achieved on our run in the Across.

A full recharge of the batteries can take up to six hours 15 minutes from a home charger - and that's more than double that of the Toyota which has the facility to take a bigger charge of 6.6kW compared to the 3.3kW of the Suzuki.

Both models have an official CO2 emissions output of just 22g/km and for business users that results in a low tax rating of seven per cent.

The Across is powered by a 2.5-litre petrol engine mated to two electric motors - one for each axle - and as such has a hefty combined power output of 306ps.

To cope with the hybrid powertrain the gearbox is a continuously variable transmission and that works in a splendid fashion under all conditions.

Performance figures are 0 to 62mph acceleration in six seconds and a top speed of 112mph and on the road the Across is brisk off the mark although unusually in this day and age there is a degree of understeer if cornered briskly.

Nevertheless, it is a competent performer on and off the road with three drive modes to go at to get the best out of the powertrain.

A trail mode brings in an automatic limited slip differential to cope with slippery surfaces but on our off-road excursion along the tracks of the Walters Arena 4x4 facility in south Wales the Across coped with aplomb in its normal hybrid setting.

It is as competent as any Suzuki 4x4 and has a maximum towing limit of 1.5 tonnes braked or 750 kilos unbraked.

With a cargo capacity ranging from 490 to 1,166 litres with the rear seats folded the Across makes the grade as a fine family all-rounder.

Suzuki is offering the Across in the UK with a good amount of equipment that includes driver aids such as rear cross traffic alerts, lane departure warning and an auto hold function on the electronic parking brake while there's also automatic operation of the tailgate and a radar-based automatic cruise control.

With a nine-inch touchscreen in the centre of the dash and a fully equipped instrument panel the cabin looks the part but the lack of a fitted sat nav system means only smartphone directions are available either via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

That's a shortcoming in a car costing this much but a trait of modern times with phones becoming vital parts of so much of everyday living.

However, it leaves the map button on the display panel redundant and a feature only available on its Toyota sister-ship..

That aside the Across is very much the new flagship of the Suzuki fleet and comes as the company broadens its tie up with Toyota with a second joint model.

Based on the Toyota Corolla estate, the Suzuki Swace will be built in Britain at the Toyota factory in Burnaston near Derby and will be priced from £27,499.

For a brand which started out making looms for the clothing industry, Suzuki has come a long way entering the automotive world in the 1950s and has made a name for itself as a top-seller in many markets including motorcycles, outboard engines for the marine world and all-terrain vehicles for the agricultural and leisure communities.

With electrified cars now becoming the norm all Suzuki vehicles now feature mild-hybrid powertrains and the Across is its first step towards full electrification.


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