Still joy to be had

in petrol and diesel

engines, says Mazda

Mazda MX-30, badge
Mazda MX-30, 2021, front
Mazda MX-30, 2021, side
Mazda MX-30, charging
Mazda MX-30, dashboard

MAZDA has commissioned 20 electric charging points at its UK headquarters in Dartford, Kent, in readiness for the EV revolution.

However, the UK and Europe's rush to turn on electric cars over the coming decade has not dimmed Mazda's investment in the internal combustion engine.

"Mazda has very carefully developed its model ranges and platforms to adapt for four-cylinder ICE, Hybrids, PHEVs and pure battery models," said Jeremy Thomson, managing director of Mazda UK.

"Our pioneering SkyActiv technology has produced some of the cleanest, most powerful and economical drivers' cars and we have not stopped there because the EU and UK say they want to ban petrol and diesel models from 2030.

"We have just launched the e-SkyActiv X engines which have major changes to their block and software and are now more powerful, flexible and economical than the original SkyActiv engines."

He also disclosed that Mazda is also planning a new range of six-cylinder engines in petrol and diesel versions for a new large SUV which will be a hybrid and plug-in hybrid.

"There is still a long way for the traditional engine to be developed using the best technology and improving it every time.

"Some parts of the world will be fine with electric vehicles but its unrealistic to expect that to become the global standard as users needs differ and the supply network varies around the globe."

He said there has been a good response to the introduction in March of the MX-30 pure electric crossover, which just qualifies for BEV grant at between £25,000 and £30,000 and comes with a 145ps electric motor, 35.3kWh battery and 124miles range.

Although users get a wallbox charger as part of the purchase deal, Mr Thomson said a double-digit number had decided not to take up the offer and instead were using an office-charger or simply going to a public paid-for or free charger.

"We have definitely seen the MX30 being used as a regular commuting car with big savings for their owners and shows you don't have to pay enormous sums of money for a long range EV if you are never going to do that sort of distance on a regular basis."

He added, "This is why its important to give people choices so they can pick the car which best suits their needs and why for some the ICE is still the answer to their needs and they can best experience the joy of driving."


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