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Morgan Plus Four CX-T, 2021, front, action
Morgan Plus Four CX-T, 2021, front, off road
Morgan Plus Four CX-T, 2021, front
Morgan Plus Four CX-T, 2021, side
Morgan Plus Four CX-T, 2021, rear

BRITISH sports car maker Morgan is heading back to its roots with a limited run of models aimed at those with a taste for adventure - and £170,000 to spare.

The Worcestershire-based company has announced it is to produce eight examples of the Morgan Plus Four CX-T which is a car with classic looks and go-anywhere performance.

It is the result of a link up with Rally Raid UK, which creates race cars for the Dakar rally, and demonstrates the capability and durability of Morgan's new CX-Generation platform, along with the Plus Four upon which the CX-T is based.

As early as 1911, Morgan sports cars were competing and winning in trials competitions, and such spirit of adventure has been key to shaping the Morgan brand ever since.

The car uses a BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive set up and is priced from £170,000 with each customer having the opportunity to work alongside Morgan's design team to specify their own CX-T.

Every Plus Four CX-T is built at Morgan's factory in Malvern before undergoing the final preparation and setup at Rally Raid UK's own workshop facilities in Huddersfield.

The suspension has been designed to be expedition ready with a ground clearance of 230mm and the car is designed to undertake journeys never before attempted in a Morgan sports car.

A five-piece underbody protection system - comprising an engine guard, rear chassis guard, mid-section shield and rear undertray - helps to protect the chassis and important components from damage when driving in extreme conditions.

The car is also fitted with a full bespoke exhaust system with rear side-exit that improves the departure angle.

The Plus Four CX-T is the second of two special projects being produced by Morgan in 2021, with the first being the Plus 8 GTR.

Jonathan Wells, head of design for Morgan, said:"The Morgan design team has been conceptualising modern day trialling vehicles for many years. Around 18 months ago, our investors and CEO, Steve Morris, were in the studio and remarked how incredible it would be to bring one of these drawings to life. The project was unrestrained and born entirely from a desire to create an exciting British adventure vehicle. The CX-T, like many recent Morgan vehicles, demonstrates the flexibility of the Morgan design. For me, it's a complete package: historical integrity, legitimate capability, and a brand-new adventure-lead aesthetic."


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