Citroen changes C4

and e-C4 range

Citroen e-C4, 2021, front
Citroen C4, 2021, front

UPDATES are being made to the Citroen C4 medium-sized hatchback and the all-electric e-C4 derivative only a few months after the models were launched in the UK.

The changes see the e-C4 being made more efficient in everyday driving conditions although its official range remains unchanged at 217 miles.

The regular model gets new wheel designs while the Smart Pad tablet holder is being introduced across the range.

Prices are largely unchanged with the line up starting from £21,310 for the C4 and £30,895 for the e-C4 after the Government low emission grant.

Citroen says that since the models were launched in the spring some 20 per cent have been all-electric.

C4 sales have seen some 70 per cent of models being ordered in higher trim grades. As a result availability of the Sense Plus BlueHDi 130 EAT8 automatic and the Shine PureTech 155 EAT8 automatic will be on a ‘stock only' basis although the two powertrains will remain available in range-topping Shine Plus trim.


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