New Morgan 3-wheeler

breaks cover

Morgan Three Wheeler design sketches

THE sleek, streamlined styling of the successor to Morgan's iconic three-wheeler sports car has been revealed with the release by the company of a series of design sketches.

The never-before-seen drawings showcase the design direction which the all-new three-wheeled model will take and "demonstrate the aesthetic intent of the new model, as well as the inspirations that underpin it," says the company,.

Although none of the sketches reveal the exact look of the new model they do reveal some of the key design features of the new car - enthusiasts and potential buyers will have to wait until next year when the final design will be revealed in full.

The sketches, from Morgan's in-house design team, reveal a streamlined bold and eccentric shape which the company says takes inspiration from mid-century jet planes, motorcycles, historic Morgan models and modern industrial product design.

When the final design is revealed, Morgan will also launch an extensive list of specification items and accessories which will make the new three-wheeler the company's most configurable vehicle ever.

Morgan says that when it is launched, the new model will be powered by a three-cylinder naturally aspirated Ford internal combustion engine - providing a strong hint that an electrified version will follow further down the line.

Says Morgan chairman and CEO Steve Morris: "Creating the all-new three-wheeled model has been a ground-up project, throughout which safety, durability, and character have been at the forefront of our focus. It has been an absolute joy seeing the new vehicle take shape, and we cannot wait to present it to the world next year, continuing the legacy of the model."

And Jonathan Wells, the company's head of design, adds: "The ground-up design is simultaneously a reflection of Morgan's rich past, relevant to the present, and provides a firm vision of Morgan's design future."


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