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YOU either love or hate the styling of the Nissan Juke and there seems to be little in between.

But there's no doubting the impact of that unusual, stand-out shape, which has attracted plenty of buyers since it was launched all the way back in 2010.

That model, which I'll concentrate on here, was replaced in 2019, but it sold so well that there are plenty of secondhand examples at different price points to choose from.

It was one of the first supermini-sized smaller SUVs to come on the market when it was launched, but there is now a raft of newer designed and more up-to-date alternatives from all manufacturers to choose from.

However, this is the only one built here in the UK at the Nissan factory in Sunderland.

Limited space in the rear, with small doors and low headroom, means that it's not up to more recent designs of family friendly SUV.

But it holds its own with a good driving experience, the high driving position so many owners love and very good standard equipment.

Petrol engines are 1.6-litre units with power ranging from 92 to 115bhp in earlier models, later changed to turbocharged 1.2 and 1.6 with 113 and 187 respectively.

The lower powered 1.6 sometimes feels a little lacking in power, but 115bhp models reach 60 from rest in 10.6 seconds and can achieve a very best of 48 miles per gallon.

The 1.2 Dig-T turbo has 113bhp and covers the sprint in 10.5 seconds while being rated at 49mpg, and the 1.6 Dig-T is the performance king as you would imagine.

It reaches 60 in a very quick 7.7 seconds and has a government economy figure of 40mpg.

The only diesel is the well-know turbo 1.5 borrowed from sister company Renault, and also used in the bigger Qashqai, which is produced on the same production line in Tyne and Wear.

It has 110bhp and is capable of no less than 68mpg while accelerating to 60 in 10.8 seconds.

Most models in the range are front wheel drive - as is true with 99 per cent of Qashqais - so the only model offered with 4WD is the 1.6 turbo petrol.

It comes with a standard CVT automatic gearbox and this was also available with the lower powered non-turbo 1.6.

Most owners are not going to go anywhere near a muddy track or wet field, and so the lack of 4WD won't affect them one iota.

The 2WD models have great grip through the corners with excellent body control and good balance front to rear, so they feel agile and safe just like most hatchbacks.

The only problem is that fairly stiff suspension means the ride is too firm at all speeds, so that occupants feel every bump and lump in the road surface, and too often are made quite uncomfortable.

The Juke has a lovely high driving position giving a great view to the front and sides, but rearward vision is compromised a little by the low roofline.

It's also simple to get in and out for those in the front and the seats are well shaped and supportive.

The rear doors are quite narrow making access a little difficult and they have hidden handles to make the body look like a three door.

Base Visia trim is not basic at all really, coming with such items as remote locking, air con, electric windows and mirrors and alloys.

Acenta adds Bluetooth, bigger alloys, selectable drive modes, cruise, climate, and a multi-function steering wheel, while N-Connecta has a touchscreen infortainment system with sat nav, DAB radio, reversing camera, keyless entry and ignition, sports seats and automatic lights and wipers.

Pay about £7,900 for a '16 16-reg Acenta 1.2 Dig-T turbo or £11,950 for a 1.5 dCi diesel Tekna.


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